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Wish you were here
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Please monitor this and help me chaintip the good people of Red Deer.


Check comment history first.
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Congrats for eligible holders. Me I don't qualify to receive. Still Have little sour.
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Can we use Bitcoin.com wallet for Sour?
Honored to make Able Ebeneezer Beer's first ever in-person purchase with cryptocurrency!
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We want to inform all the community that we will be listed on a new SLP exchange in few weeks.

Therefore our main RFND/BCH pair will be listed there besides CCtip and Memo.
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History repeated. At least people own Bitcoin to hold, fewer people use Ethereum for that. Adapt or die. The market cares little for hand-wavy excuses.
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That's fair enough. Every sat counts, after all.
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We're not a speculator's asset, we're a currency.
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At our Community Committee meeting today, we discussed the first funding proposal for the quarter:

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Current exchange pairs: RFND - BCH, RFND - ETH, RFND - TRX.
Current Convert: RFND - BTC, RFND - LTC, RFND - 1UP, RFND - Dash, RFND - BSV (CCTip)

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This place would be more interesting if some well-known people like @rogerkver
@KimDotcom and @Falkvinge shared their messages on https://memo.cash or https://member.cash
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This is on the Member WLTH feature list. I'm thinking it would be an iframe with the canonical url as a reference. Actually, not that difficult to implement because of member's
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Idea to use memo protocol to add comments to *ANY* webpage! YouTube could no longer stop people from commenting on videos because they don't like what people are saying, & even pages without comments could have them!
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So I'm not involved. I got less sour
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can i have some sours pls :)
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Fine. But I need tokens.
How are you doing guy
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I'll post about it in noise.cash.
Great im glad to support SLP
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Tell your friends, all those projects sour supports are good projects. Thanks for donating
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Privacy is now more important than ever..
#Privacy #Freedom
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Defiance ( creative writing)
Actions, not words matter to the world. What I say is fleeting and what I feel nobody can witness.
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It's official now!

SLP tokens will have BCH base crypto trading pairs on CCTip as of next Tuesday Jan 19th.

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For a moment I forgot what an absolutely arrogant & dim witted twat Samson Mow is. That statement in particular takes the cake in being arrogant: