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a lot of #sour purchases, soon overtaking #honk as the second best selling token
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Ricardo Delos santos
3d · SOUR
Hello everyone!!!
replied 16d
I have also thought about tipping in BCH a couple of times, but never did. I thought about tipping and recommending the Haven app for spending.
17d · flipstarter
Anyone can use Flipstarter - Test Flipstarter here: https://flipstarter.electroncash.de

I could configure & host a Flipstarter for someone
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#donate4sour to Archive.org
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If your memo.cash account sends a message to this profile, and it holds PSF tokens, your memo will register in the community feed.

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Steven Solijon
replied 3d
Wow! I was surprised when I saw this😅. I thought ZAPT AirDrop to SOUR holders but when I read it carefully, SOUR airdrop Not ZAPT hehe. We don’t know the time but I’m ready.👌
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5d · memo
The default tokens page is now listing tokens by most transactions with some other sorting options. The market cap page is removed.
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Tomorrow on Friday Sept 25th DV community is getting 10,000 ZAPT airdrop.

So get ready and open your minds and wallets to receive ZAPT!

Congratulations to DV team, @spice_trader and all Zapit team & community.
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Zapit airdrops coming for the following communities:
Wed - Sour
Thursday - RFND
Friday - DV
Saturday - VENT
Sunday- ZAPT
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7d · SOUR
Gotta love Sour. Twitter camgain here I come
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Living the way most people won't is the only way to live the way most people can't.
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replied 5d
You can log into member.cash with your memo private key.
Leaked documents reveal some of the world’s biggest banks allowed criminals to move dirty money around the world.

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Can I contact you on Telegram? @Cryptovato1 is my TG user.
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Does that mean we need to hold ZAPT to receive SOUR in the drop coming soon?
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Bitcoin Cash Activist
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The airdrops have just started:

RFND community has received SOUR and DV airdrops.

Thanks a lot for this.
replied 8d
Thanks for the SOUR tourney again! :)
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#donate4SOUR to FREE ROSS! Doing some more testing.
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Dividends feature of ZAPIT wallet is really cool! SLP community is really thriving!
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RNEW, DV, RFND, SOUR, VENT and ZAPT are becoming hot tokens on memo

Just because of the fact of having them, people will be getting ZAPT airdrop next week.
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9d · DIVVY Token Project
Stay tuned the ZAPIT.io team has announced they will distribute 10000 ZAPT tokens on NEXT WEEK! Get your DV off telegram bots and on a ZAPIT.io wallet. CHEERS!
replied 11d
Still being my own bank thanks.