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Also defining a core use case and sticking to it can turn into a good answer to why not BCH instead of Sour? Which is always a good question I say for any tokens
replied 3d
Your work in Sour is great. I think this token can do better than Spice if more people start to work on it. The key here I think is having more room for community involvement.
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So cute, loved the hat
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Great job! This is amazing ✌🏼
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We in lockdown here in UK. Holy fuck. Guess I knew it was coming but shit, now it's here it's fucking scary. Stay safe memo friends. We will get through this.
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Awesome - I see there are further airdrops planned now also
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Nice timing. I got a pretty Airdrop after all those cheap lemons today. Thanks everyone for selling so cheap to me!
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A change in perspective...
Stop asking how you can *Receive Value* from others.
Instead start finding ways that you can *Give Value* to others and value will naturally return to you 10 fold.
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75d · SOUR
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I always lose in 3rd round when I play Poker :((((((((((
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40d · Capitalism
The #fuckingcapitalists don't want to help people or solve problems. They only want to steal wealth and destroy things. Fuck them.
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Any tokens has been created with people afford, I like them all.. :">
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50d · SOUR
Valid token utxos: 5846
Valid token addresses:1315

Get your 🍋SOUR here bch.gg/28m

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I agree that using Google is invading privacy, but there should be a barrier to stop bots efficiently 🤔
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Wow so I admittedly took time time and checked out of crypto for a bit. I just came back today to find a bunch of tokens had been sent to me (THANK YOU GUYS!) I decided to send some to my Bitcoin.com wallet....
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not lucky
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not lucky
Ehh you give me sour boss
Thank you thank you bossssss
Love it😍😍😍😍😍
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As we were about to sleep, my 7-year-old son asked us what life is for. Son, for a lullaby, that is one heck of a deep question...
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Why do you still support it? No one's using it - improve the .cash and token exchange (for your own income) instead
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Limited to how many a day? What if I have 1000 addresses and I spine them up using a headless browser with proxy? I think Google login can help
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not lucky
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New follower here sir
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This will lead more exchanges to implement features for SLP-based tokens.
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The corrupt imbecile Jack Dorsey is at it again:

"Twitter Locks WikiLeaks Official Account With 5.4 Million Followers, Days Before Julian Assange's Extradition Hearing"

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That was a ton of fun!
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not lucky
53d · SOUR
I hope somebody give me sour please