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Can't wait to win some sour, free entry
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Looking good man!
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wow so beautiful
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That's a great update
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Nice 😊😊😊
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Good luck sour.
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Can I get some SOUR please?
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This looks like it might be suitable for beginners, would you say it would be appropriate for a ~10 year old's reading level? My friend's kid is in the hospital & interested in Bitcoin
Why cryptocurrencies? - A free online book by Jonas Hietala
BCH is leading the market run today. Great if it would stay that way for a few weeks. Could really start making a dent.
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Hey guys, buying SOUR is not only a solid investment of a few bucks, but it also is a great way to be involved in crypto community as a whole, leading to your voice being heard. :)
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Sour market cap is so big it could buy a small house in Europe
Being a SW developer myself for 24 years I would say Micropresident has excellent points here:

Another video tutorial from BCH Latam thanks to your PAN token buys in support of our ongoing crowdfunding


Two months away and I will be handing out the HNY2021 tokens. When BCH gets to 1000 I will airdrop .5 BCH. Only 500 tokens and 50 people will get 10 tokens. Also .5 BCH Airdrop to those that hold the HNY2020 tokens.
#BitcoinCash celebrates its 3rd birthday this 1 Aug 2020 as censorship-resistant peer-to-peer electronic cash for the world that actually scales!

New iphone update. Distract us with new emojis while they sneak in state spyware.
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11d · DIVVY Token Project
We have cash backed a total 76,318,124 satoshis back to DIVVY holders in 6 months. That's 171USD in today's money! We want to celebrate this milestone!🎉🎉🎉
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One of the best SLP tokens out there! Excited to see how this token grows!
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Sour keep moving...
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Sour is doing pretty amazing,so interesting I wish I have some spare cash to invest.
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Great proiect, I am very interested in Sour and will follow it's development with great anticipat Ion!
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Nice to join this wonderful platform.. sour really have good project and I see sour raising to $1 in few months. Long live sour keep the good work.
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