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Interesting point that people will choose Bitcoin because its the only crypto they've heard of, and they'll choose the cash flavor because its the one that works best.
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Insane. It took me 5 days to go from 4000 to 6000 followers on LBRY. I also just broke the top 50 channels. I'm feeling blessed and I'm super grateful!
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Decentralization and Privacy are more important than ever!

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Thanks for your opinion on this! Checking out read.cash is already on this weekend's to-do-list.
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Just wrote an article about the new DApp architecture draft for Signup.cash

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After detailed audit of all assets I had to recalculate the new price for RFND, which is 0.50 satoshi.

Total holdings are at 0.87 BCH after the audit, we've just crossed 200 dollar barrier.