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You're a great human being Georg
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can i join? here's my entry!

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I bought 1m honk from Adel Ahmed right now
for 70k stats
is this fake honk?!!
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42d · memo.cash site status
Nobody gives a shit about memo.sv or this website.
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Russia trying to help Trump again. LOL. this shit never ends.
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Holy shit !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wacky racer results done and ready to post.............
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Shit happens in life, if it happens to you does your pride allow you to go to a platform called EatBCH? We need to provide opportunities so no one need to ask for help.
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I ask that you stop shitting up memo with dozens of sympathy posts after fucking up your send. It’s not even my place to say, but I see right through your scam.
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True, my country is a shit sometimes, at least I've started a new job, but this month is being really hard, life is unpredictable sometimes, good luck to us all
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i need sympAthy
plz I'm bankrupt beyond repairS
i aCcept inviziblecoin & Hugztoken
all help Appreciated
my address on no-wallet: i7invenTed7bouRbon7kIttehs
thAnk u
god bless
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HOLY SHIT I THINK I GOT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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2020 - the Internet is still a great place to meet great people, get inspired and change things.

So what are we worried about!?
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Unusual Uther
i wish i can buy pizza too for my 3 kids, im always late..😢 By the way advance Merry Xmas
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@SLPShitbot on Telegram https://t.me/SLPShitbot just got an update, check it 😋
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Erik Vorhees is one of the few in the crypto with a brain.
He has no choice reg. KYC'ing Shapeshift. It was either that or close shop (or relocate outside USSA).
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So i basically have enough sats to post whatever i want, whenever i want. I just have to find shit worth posting.
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Very loving, loyal animals if their owners don’t treat them like shit or make them aggressive.
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Shitty company to be at ;(
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Lol.. a few years back, Cubans would go around here for about $20 to $30 bucks a stick! And not even for rare limited shit.. just a good old cigar!
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Life’s too short to shit on BTC/BSV
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I am afraid too order seeds, the government might find out I ordered seeds and flip their shit.
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With great power comes a great responsibility ... and the bigger shit coming your way in case you fuckit.
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Unusual Uther
nanatsu no taizai anime with nice AMV
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Unusual Uther
Pendragon means chief of warriors, so it means that I'll rather earn my right through the fight, become best I can, than be placed on the pedestal to be some shitty figurative queen.