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Unusual Uther
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You're an Uther.
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Richard knife
Call the troops out boys let's get spice up to 300
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PSA: There is a SOUR faucet where you can roll for up to 99 SOUR twice per day. Easy way to earn a bit of this dividend token. 😉
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0.15 BCH Airdrop to SOUR 🍋token holders today!

Get your FREE SOUR here:
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Bitcoin cash is bitcoin, deal with it!
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On GOD ☯️🦋🍀💯🐎😎❄🐉🐲🙏🏻🌈🎵🎶🌴🏂🍷🌞🦚🌻
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282d · Airdrops
🍋 The next SOUR Airdrop of BCH is scheduled for November 8th, 2019! Airdrop schedule has been updated: Stack some SOURtoshis! 🍋
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That is pretty cool.
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Richard knife
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Yeppers. Get over it haters
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Nice to see you back on the top!! Now I am awaiting the answer of Joey Trend! Will this end in an exponential memo hack battle :D ???
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Token dump
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Have a Blessed Sunday!!!!!!
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I love memo. Thank you all for being here with me!
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Checking out SLP tokens to implement them @ (open source portfolio tracker)
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Hey guys...its my birthday...
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Transact Bitcoin Cash on an old feature phone without Internet using CoinText!

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I feel so crappy today. Just shoot me already.
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Tipping the Tippers Tuesday.

Everyone who shared 🍺's this week will get free 🍺 to replace the ones they gave away :-)

Vidteks 4🍺,
Gravity research 2🍺,
Unusual Uther 6🍺,

Sharing the love with 🍺 :-)
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Instant global secure payments and communication go hand in hand
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Should I have a Bitcoin Cash meetup at my school? It will just be me, my friends that like crypto, and some other kids that want to learn about crypto.
Yes 4 votes · 5,111 satoshis
No 0 votes · 0 satoshis