Anarcho Capitalism (Anarcho-Capitalism)

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Boycott Fake News: CNN, NBC, MSNBC, NYT, Huffington Post et al
137d · #agorism
Can we now displace (outperform+depopularize) "Police"
with a decentralized entity that enforces only The One Law ?
"Oath Keepers" comes to mind, but their emo+word-salad is hopeless.
139d · #taxationistheft
Taxation is theft.
Change my mind.

I don't need governments blessing on who I can decide to fall in love with. Also I should be able to hunt and fish on my own yard or other lands I own.
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Intergalactic slp token museum
Token dump
Hi, I'm cds's dumping account for tokens, getting tired of sending them to bitcoin eater address and looks like Twitter has used token graveyard tokens to spam others so not using that anymore :-(
A lot of work on Crescent Cash today.
v1.7.9 enabled HD support for the BCH wallet portion of the app.
v1.8.0 (indev) will increase the bloom filter rate, add Tor support, and allow for wallet encryption.
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It turned out that AXA wasn't the only deep state proxy involved in Operation BlockstreamCore but Joi Ito - Digital Garage (ties to Epstein) too.
The core pattern: First cripple BitCoin, then sell their own shit as fix:
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BSV = Bitcoin Shit Version 😁
Fucking suspended on twitter because defending people from one of the most toxic BTC trolls there is. This guy got unsuspended recently, if my appeal doesn't go through, while his did, I'll be using memo/honest only.
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"I have found that Dr. Wright intentionally submitted fraudulent documents to the Court, obstructed a judicial proceeding, and gave perjurious testimony."
- Bruce Reinhart, U.S. Magistrate Judge
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it's 99.999999999% certain that the original owner sold it.
People decide their own consent. Trying to tell someone that they inherently consent to something just for existing or living somewhere, makes you no better than a rapist.
I support BCH because I believe in the possibility of real change. I want to witness in my lifetime a world where every individual matters, where people don't start off disadvantaged. #dailymemo
getting ready for work, just wanted to thank everyone for likes/tips/tokens and also I've added a Memo sticker to the telegram sticker pack
I ain't going to lie. It doesn't look great for BCH right now. But I'm still around because I can see its potential to change the world. You don't come across something like that every day. #dailymemo
I'm excited to launch A portable hard-drive with the BCH blockchain and several indexers pre-synced. Everything to run and BITBOX locally. Telegram channel:
The parts of society ancaps hate: Stealing, death threats, war, genocide, kidnapping, physical harassment, etc...

The parts of society communists hate: Successful people, and anyone better off than anyone else.