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Think of the planet!

Consider killing yourself TODAY.
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1022d · COVID-19
They die and suffer from Covid. Partially due to anti-maskers and anti-vaxxers who are more comfortable with people dying than personal responsibility.
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FOMO is peace. Selling high is slavery. HODL is strength.
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1233d · TIHI
Thanks, I hate real emojis...
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1247d · PTT DigiCurrency
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I always thought fees are going to Satoshi Nakamoto's Swiss bank account. Isn't it?
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dating on the left
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FFS, opened up the browser to check something out, memo was open, left a comment on a post and now completely forget what the fuck it was I was online for...
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1432d · ANGRY!
Whenever you feel complete relaxation and peace of mind, take a deep breath and feel the ANGER! Cultivate it, hold on to it. Don't let it pass, everything is temporary, except ANGER!
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I should do that. And tell them they will see their payment someday. LOL Since I am not getting a late charge.
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1499d · bitcoin
BTC stats Fewer and fewer transactions, longer and longer intervals between blocks, higher and higher fees
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Gentleman, touch gloves and come out fighting.
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