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KhetzaL - A World Of Outmoded Ideas
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Antares - Mount Meru
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Daimon (aka Antares) - Codex
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Artha - Mystic Change
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20d · Anime, Manga, AMV, Vocaloid
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26d · Bitcoin Cash

My full node
now trying to follow OP_RETURN transactions
...after Noise.Cash.
When Kim.Dot.Com et al brings it on
reading the chain may get more intense.
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Delirium - illumination
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Celestial Intelligence - 1001 Reasons (Remix)
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Mindsphere - Floating in a Widescreen
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Delirium - Forever Love
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Arktika - Imagine Yourself
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one man's trash is another man's treasure

my trash can is open
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X-Dream - Panic in Paradise
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One of the greatest. First few minutes of side 2 of that album always gives me goose pimples
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One of my alltime favorite albums
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The climate change people like too show everyone this chart, but the one they will show you only goes back 50-80 thousand years. Which makes the graph look really bad.
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Tangerine Dream - Rubycon [Full Album]

#Music #Electronic #BerlinSchool
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