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Median Project - Measurements X
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Median Project - Deep Dive
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4d · Electronic music
Ovnimoon - Give
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#Audius ($2.07)
#Rocki ($3.85)
are doing well! :0)
Hope this will be a great step in #music royalties for the artists.
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Hey this is good stuff! How can I buy your album with BCH? Is there a bandcamp-like website for that?
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9d · Electronic music
Hux Flux - Elixir [HQ]
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Norma Project - Magical Land
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15d · Electronic music
Polar Energy - Going Om (234Hz)
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15d · Jesus Christ is Lord of Lord and Kings of Kings.
My heart is not alone any more, haleluya
Because my lord is with me till the eternity

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Hujaboy - Flake
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Watashi no Koko (わたしのココ) - A city without angels (天使のいない街)
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Meanwhile in Hungary
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