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This small scale one, is cleaning the air above this highway.
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426d · Bring Trump Here?
They only things tey can sensor here are images & videos. That's what's so great about memo! DA... !!
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434d · PTT DigiCurrency
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443d · PTT DigiCurrency
後來往前翻了一下,原來是這裡比較早有,後才有Noise.cash的PTT DigiCurrency。
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443d · PTT DigiCurrency
噢噢! PTT DigiCurrency也在這裡出現!
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White men are people too
500d · Memo flooded
As far as I know, there is no memo policy that that says that you cannot do what he does, and I am not even sure I want it to stop, all I seek is a conversation about the issue.
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White men are people too
500d · Memo flooded
The basic topic is "is memo being unnecessarily flooded, and how much of a problem is it?". In particular, user BitcoinNational, while posting many very interesting things, also floods memo.
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486d · Wallstreetbets
GME Stonk to the Moon!
Is the SEC gonna try shutdown memo.cash down lol?
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491d · Bitcoin Cash
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522d · Linux

For all of whoever else observed this in action and wondered what the next punchline would be....
Stolen from: https://www.gnu.org/fun/jokes/users-lightbulb.html
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518d · Linux
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518d · memo
Yesterday, there were
32532 txs on BCH chain, 261756 txs on BTC. BCH dominance=BCH/BTC=12.4%
1181745-1180539=1206 memo txs, 📈12.8% (compared w/ prev 1069), account for 3.7% of all BCH tx
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680d · PTT DigiCurrency
另外偷偷跟大家講一下,CashBay正式上線(暫定8/1)後會BayCash代幣,目標是上 https://cryptophyl.com/ 交易所,剛開始會都用獎勵發放,可以注意一下。
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Sir uther help me please . For buying meal today even small amount
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Masked - Blood Thirsty [AMV] (Vampire Hunter D Bloodlust)
2,178 views•Mar 24, 2018


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Happy Birthday Everyone.
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The Universe is very big.
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Send them to me, I need a lambo and some diet coke
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I think FabbeSteph is just stressed and needs some help. I am okay for now thanks for asking.
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931d · Tokens
Who wants to exchange tokens? What Will You give me for 1.000.000 dollars tokens?
Uther Pendragon
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wow this post got tip 43M sats can you also tip the civilians not the rish one hahaha peace yoww
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Same here sir! Sleep is 2-4 hour s a day.y kids don't sleep at the same time.. it's so hard for a single mom like me,. Still thankful I can survive with that🙏
Happy Thanksgiving!