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Who wants to exchange tokens? What Will You give me for 1.000.000 dollars tokens?
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Unusual Uther
wow this post got tip 43M sats can you also tip the civilians not the rish one hahaha peace yoww
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Unusual Uther
Same here sir! Sleep is 2-4 hour s a day.y kids don't sleep at the same time.. it's so hard for a single mom like me,. Still thankful I can survive with that🙏
Happy Thanksgiving!
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Emma Jamerson
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you have made tuesday my favorite day of the week. thank you!! :)
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Eric Reid
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How many Tuesday's does it take to make a Saturday night?
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Token Tuesday! Comment here and receive many many tokens. Send many tokens to me and we can blast some music and dance all night!
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Unusual Uther
I found my stupid phone, it was under a blanket.
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this one looks more like a % though 🤔
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I'm exchanging tokens, send me a tip and I will send you a tip back with a different token