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Unusual Uther
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Merry Christmas
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A friend said I should post this here. Please enjoy "A Beginner's Guide to Creating SLP Tokens on Bitcoin Cash"
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Testing iOS push notifications. Please like or reply to this post! 🍎
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Paypal to allow crypto in early 2011. At 26 million merchants!

This is huge.

Your move, Amazon.
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your account gets a ban when you post this on Facebook
But on Memo on the other hand.....
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PayPal Enters Crypto! New Era of Bitcoin Bull Market!
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What’s the different between a cat and a comma?
A cat has claws at the end of paws; A comma is a pause at the end of a clause.
Good evening throughout the world.
Love you, tip and like please
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untowardly things to the women of those houses. Is poverty still the reason for these crimes? Definitely not! Poverty is not a choice, never was but not stepping other's dignity is.
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If you ever prayed and fasted, yet unanswered, release it; that's when you start living. Your week is safe.
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I'm looking forward to being friends with everyone. :)
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No Sleep guarding my baby brother..time Check 3:03 AM here..Good morning..laban lang..
I need a Miracle!!. matters Miracle!! Help me Lucky 8 🍀🍀 SomeOne buy my tokens..its for emergency matters.. kailangan talaga kung wala..wala tayong magagawa. ..LORD help me🙏🙏
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Token dump
Hi, I'm cds's dumping account for tokens, getting tired of sending them to bitcoin eater address and looks like Twitter has used token graveyard tokens to spam others so not using that anymore :-(
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I am new on memo site. I have joined memo site today but I do not know well about this site how to earn bitcoin cash here. How I can get start on memo to earn bitcoin cash?
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💌Great is someone whose heart is childish.
His wrath without resentment
To love him is without claim.
His forgiveness is endless…❣️💘🌺

Emma ❣️🤗
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I love HOLY. R33 TOO💖
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@stockleezy you are such a great person. You've already given so much. I am so lucky God brought you into my life
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Good for you. I am not trying to stop it. You are a jackass for the way u act. Real mature. Get fucked
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That sentence was the most retarded thing that I've read today. I'm free to react and you can't do anything to stop it. :)
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Roy Morgan
I'm new to this but i'm doing my best.