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#Yoga is the most important tool to keep sanity in a prison. I am so happy I discovered that discipline Six years ago which heals my body and mind in any situation. Breathing techniques, stretching & handstand 🌞
#yoga is all about expanding #consciousness by pushing the limits of perception out of the comfort zone to realise the limitless capabilities of a unified #mind & #body which is our true natural possession
I started practicing #yoga five years ago. For the first time in life I have a straight posture. I learned to walk by going #barefoot, I learned to eat #raw #vegan food. The result is health, joy, power & freedom.
In #Venezuela #Caracas you can become a #yoga instructor (200h) for as little as 150 #USD with a certificate issued in India at the highest level of #consciousness, flat rate daily lessons are available at $3 monthly
Practicing #Yoga for the past 5 years was the best health insurance & 10x cheaper! After five years the whole posture has aligned & that body got stronger than in any gym before. Yogis get more flexible up to age 80!
The Benefits of Yoga: How This Ancient Practice Can Improve Your Physical and Mental Health https://link.medium.com/tzO7n8FEwBb #yoga #mindset #mindful #health