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· 28d
I'm very excited to announce my personal #WyoHackathon project—https://www.oracles.cash

Oracles is a platform for launching Oracles on #BitcoinCash
· 29d
The recording of my #WyoHackathon 2019 presentation "Bitcoin Cash Developer Tooling and Interoperability" is live here at 4:06:10

· 29d
BlockStar sighting! Thank you @Tyler_Lindholm and @CaitlinLong_ for everything you both do! The entire 🌏 is watching your amazing work! 🌟#WyoHackathon

· 30d
#WyoHackathon has further reinforced my intuition that the best minds of our generation are working on the blockchain. We're poised to have a radical impact on the 🌏
· 24d
· 29d
$179K in prizes at this year's #WyoHackathon!


They take the Blockchain serious around here in Wyoming!
· 29d
In case you missed it. My #WyoHackathon presentation "Bitcoin Cash developer tools and interoperability" is live.

· 32d
I'm flying to the #WyoHackathon 2019 this weekend! I created an unofficial WYO2019 token.

If you're attending the event please install @BadgerWallet (https://badger.bitcoin.com) and send me your slp address