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hypocracy & dogmatism:

I read tweets cheering about the USA government when they want to regulate #bitcoin with an ETF but hating when the gov of #Venezuela uses #Cryptocurrency as intended without regulation.
Carrots in #Venezuela are on a totally different level, have been avoiding carrots for many years in Europe, here in fruit paradise these grow huuuuuuge & sweeeeeeeeet
#Venezuela started selling their gasoline to their consumers in exchange for PETRO their national cryptocurreny.

They are accepting it at the fixed official international PETRO exchange rate, which boosts its value.
#Venezuela has extended the "voluntary" quarantine for another 30 days. Its now 100 days in total. THIS IS INSANITY, I am so surprised how little the people here think for themselves and simply follow the orders.
Today we had a ration of 8 hours in a row without electric service. And before there were several voltage drops. I hate this government of misery. Venezuela deserves to be free. #Venezuela
In contrast to the totalitarianism implemented worldwide right now, #Venezuela seems to be an OK place to be. We can go on the streets, we can gather, we can just not travel much & many have vacations.
The account "The Watermelon" has seven million followers with 30m population & is famous in #Venezuela... Is spreading fake political news & people take that seriously... THATS WHY VENEZUELA IS FUCKED & BRAINWASHED
In #Venezuela people can not work now and the supermarkets have nearly doubled prices for food. What will be the result of that? Another civil war? More robbery? THIS IS NOT PROTECTION THIS IS CREATING A DISASTER
Today I was the only person of hundreds that did not wear a face mask. One face mask in #Venezuela costs as much as 2-5 kg of rice. Are governments participating in this panic because it grows GDP??
In #Spain & #Germany people pay thousands of euros in fines or go to jail if seen outside. In #Venezuela nobody will be fined and we can be outside until 17:00! Who is the most totalitarian govmt now??? #coronavirus
I cant imagine a better country than #Venezuela to be at this moment right now!! In Spain people get $2000 fines for walking on the beach. They would even charge me an additional $600 for not wearing a Tshirt.
What is the *Best* currency possible? Article explores the concept and today's technology. There are two walk through videos at the end. #Venezuela

Its so funny when you are in the middle of Caracas a city of 3 million people and every night you hear the rooster yelling while nobody gives a fuck! This is so special about #Venezuela, tolerance, respect & freedom!!
In #Venezuela the military & police is really fucking nice, really I had always very positive experience with them. They have been very polite & respectful, always open to listen. Of course there are exceptions.
In Caracas #Venezuela the government is forcing even these shops to close that sell drinking water. They are open half of the day. So the demand during opening hour is higher so we can have a nice chat with neighbors.
I am invited to give courses on #bitcoin in #Venezuela to hundreds of farmers. Would anyone like to donate some #DASH or #BCH so that I can forward these to the participants? @rogerkver @RTaylor05 @Dashpay @srust99
Even More Evidence Pointing To Coronavirus Starting In The US & Being It Weaponized
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Smoked my first Cuban cigar in #Venezuela today. Damn what a quality of cigar that is. I paid 0.07 USD. Anyone wants to buy large quantities? I can ship it, you can sell it for 10-50x that price. #DASH & #BCH accepted
The government of #Venezuela has ordered 40 days of stupidity.
People cant work,
people cant move,
especially the poor class is fucked,
cant get money to buy food.
I can recommend you gold traders in #Venezuela with excellent reputation and decades in the business that sell their gold for 30 dólar per gram. Buying 200g you can earn 4-5k at zero risk while visiting #cryptonation
Kid gets arrested & robbed by police for selling candy on the streets of NYC, never seen that in #Venezuela, apparently USA is the oppressive regime:
@rtaylor05 @rogerkver
Turkey Breaks Ceasefire, US "Secures Syria's Oil" & Assange's Torture & Violation Of Rights Exposed
#FreeAssange #Venezuela #Turkey #Syria #Kurds #Lebanon #Afghan #Clinton
I wanted to help someone in #Venezuela. I'm tutoring a novice #JavaScript developer as he writes #opensource software. We don't have to consider what governments or banks think about it
Now as the fake money system has collapsed & the paper money drug is not available anymore, people in Ecuador & Colombia who converted back to human want to return to a land where human rights are existent #Venezuela