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our lunch today at the new Bitcoin Cash restaurant...
A typical Venezuelan food

is called pabellon and we pay with BCH
#BarrioBCH #venezuela #BCH
Las Puertas del Llano Restaurant BCH
I think this week's goal will be to go from the coast to the city by road promoting BCH, although it is difficult to get fuel in Venezuela we will try. by the way we are still on bitcoin beach #Cuyagua #Venezuela #BCH
There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread or Bitcoin Cash! #Venezuela
in #barriobitcoin We continue to promote the use of #BCH, people are delighted with how easy, fast and safe it is... the best is yet to come
Countries experiencing hyperinflation:


#BitcoinCash solves this problem and helps millions of people.
I wanted to help someone in #Venezuela. I'm tutoring a novice #JavaScript developer as he writes #opensource software. We don't have to consider what governments or banks think about it
In #venezuela you can experience the most horrible and the most beautiful moments. I have never been betrayed so badly and I have never received so much love like in Venezuela. Its my paradise.
The Avocado tree has a height of 20 centimeters already!!! Today I seeded a tree of Papaya (Lechosa) and Maracuya (Parchita) in the tropical fruit paradise #Venezuela!! We also bought a lovely beautiful hen for $3
In #Venezuela I learned more about respect, freedom & tolerance within just 1.5 years, than I did my whole life in Europe (especially in Germany people were extremely disrespectful & often wanted to fight for opinion)
I bough a coffee for 3500 bolivars (350.000 satoshis in #DASH) today in Caracas #Venezuela!! They also accept #BCH & next time I will introduce him to http://ANYPAY.global so I will get 10% Cashback for each coffee!!!
Would you want to invest into a SLP tokenized real estate to fund a #BCH educational center in one of the biggest cities of #Venezuela ? 120 tokens each worth $100, total cost of that property is 12k. #dailymemo
Mercado Libre is the worst ebay imaginable, #Venezuela urgently needs a better platform. Big opportunity.
In #Venezuela you can ride a motorcycle without helmet, telephone on your ear, passing the red light (NOT KIDDING) , but you should have the face mask put above the nose, FOR THE SAFETY!!!
I am invited to give courses on #bitcoin in #Venezuela to hundreds of farmers. Would anyone like to donate some #DASH or #BCH so that I can forward these to the participants? @rogerkver @RTaylor05 @Dashpay @srust99
Avocado, Papaya, Maracuja, Tomato, Guanabana, Pumpkin, Watermelon, Potatoe, Onion, Corn, Beans <-- We will #SLP tokenize the fruit/vegetable harvest at the new #bitcoin paradise in #Maracay #Sorocaima #Venezuela
Turkey Breaks Ceasefire, US "Secures Syria's Oil" & Assange's Torture & Violation Of Rights Exposed
#FreeAssange #Venezuela #Turkey #Syria #Kurds #Lebanon #Afghan #Clinton
#Venezuela offers limitless opportunities for anything you desire, visit our upcoming bitcoin #BCH #DASH #LTC #BTC international #festival #conference #hackathon #realbitcoinclub #bitcoinmap
The prize pool for the #SLPVH hackathon is growing!

#BCH + #SLP prizes

Excellent opportunity for #Venezuela and #Philippine devs to make money.
Website: slp.dev
Telegram: t.me/slphackathon
Yey we just got permission to bring out the excrements of the past three days. We are sitting on 1.70x2.80 with 4 people shitting in plastic bags and pissing in plastic bottles. Jail in #Venezuela #notkidding
My biggest dream is to start a self sustainable #bitcoin colony in the jungle of #Venezuela solar powered, satellite internet, educating open source That could be realised for less than a million USD #realbitcoinclub
I am in jail in #Venezuela again. Already 9 days. Read the news, search "Félix Gubitz" in Google, they accuse me to extort me... Lets pray I get out here alive... Please someone continue bmap.app if I die...
Today I was the only person of hundreds that did not wear a face mask. One face mask in #Venezuela costs as much as 2-5 kg of rice. Are governments participating in this panic because it grows GDP??
Smoked my first Cuban cigar in #Venezuela today. Damn what a quality of cigar that is. I paid 0.07 USD. Anyone wants to buy large quantities? I can ship it, you can sell it for 10-50x that price. #DASH & #BCH accepted
The account "The Watermelon" has seven million followers with 30m population & is famous in #Venezuela... Is spreading fake political news & people take that seriously... THATS WHY VENEZUELA IS FUCKED & BRAINWASHED
In #Venezuela people can not work now and the supermarkets have nearly doubled prices for food. What will be the result of that? Another civil war? More robbery? THIS IS NOT PROTECTION THIS IS CREATING A DISASTER