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Would you want to invest into a SLP tokenized real estate to fund a #BCH educational center in one of the biggest cities of #Venezuela ? 120 tokens each worth $100, total cost of that property is 12k. #dailymemo
The Avocado tree has a height of 20 centimeters already!!! Today I seeded a tree of Papaya (Lechosa) and Maracuya (Parchita) in the tropical fruit paradise #Venezuela!! We also bought a lovely beautiful hen for $3
In #Venezuela you can ride a motorcycle without helmet, telephone on your ear, passing the red light (NOT KIDDING) , but you should have the face mask put above the nose, FOR THE SAFETY!!!
The best thing to do with the best things in life is to give them away!

Bitcoin Cash is one of them #Venezuela

Share, help and make things happen!
The best thing to do with the best things in life is to give them away!

Bitcoin Cash is one of them. #Venezuela

Did you know that the Tiger & the Pelikan on the package of Kellogs flakes in #Venezuela are wearing face masks??? 😭
In #Venezuela the freedom of expression is way higher than in any of the seven european nations I lived in during my life. It is my absolute favorite nation to be living in as they also actively support #bitcoin
The Potential Ricin False Flag, The Lockdown (Anti)Science & The Rouge US Government
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Why is bitcoin.com making political propaganda against #Venezuela over and over again which is totally unrelated to #bitcoin? Is that an agenda or just stupidity of individuals? http://shorturl.at/ewCHO #rogerkver
To clarify a myth about #Venezuela: THEY HAVE ABUNDANCE OF FREE FOOD GROWING ALL AROUND THE NATION and they have biiiiig families which support each other for free with housing & foods when necessary.
#Venezuela is such a peaceful nation which respects all living beings as much as you get into jail for hitting a dog on the streets. In contrast to Germany, where you can kill a dog which is an "object" under law.
In the Bolivarian Republic of #Venezuela which respects freedom of choice, the quarantine was voluntary all the time & whenever I enter a store that wants to spray me toxins in the hand I thankfully reject the offer.
They have 200 #coronahoax deaths in #Venezuela within 6 months, but 200.000 regular deaths within same time frame (1.3% per year of their total population) anyway everyone is so scared just because TV says so
Talked to a 12 year old who went four years to school in #Venezuela but still cant do multiplicaciones. I asked how much is 7 + 5 and it took like half a minute until responded with 12. 😥
hypocracy & dogmatism:

I read tweets cheering about the USA government when they want to regulate #bitcoin with an ETF but hating when the gov of #Venezuela uses #Cryptocurrency as intended without regulation.
Today we had a ration of 8 hours in a row without electric service. And before there were several voltage drops. I hate this government of misery. Venezuela deserves to be free. #Venezuela
I was put in prison in #Venezuela for the past six days accused of being a terrorist & mercenary 🙄🤷‍♂️

29 people on 20 square meters. Inmates, my brother & german consul saved my life 🥳
In contrast to the totalitarianism implemented worldwide right now, #Venezuela seems to be an OK place to be. We can go on the streets, we can gather, we can just not travel much & many have vacations.
The account "The Watermelon" has seven million followers with 30m population & is famous in #Venezuela... Is spreading fake political news & people take that seriously... THATS WHY VENEZUELA IS FUCKED & BRAINWASHED
In #Venezuela people can not work now and the supermarkets have nearly doubled prices for food. What will be the result of that? Another civil war? More robbery? THIS IS NOT PROTECTION THIS IS CREATING A DISASTER
Today I was the only person of hundreds that did not wear a face mask. One face mask in #Venezuela costs as much as 2-5 kg of rice. Are governments participating in this panic because it grows GDP??
Carrots in #Venezuela are on a totally different level, have been avoiding carrots for many years in Europe, here in fruit paradise these grow huuuuuuge & sweeeeeeeeet
#Venezuela started selling their gasoline to their consumers in exchange for PETRO their national cryptocurreny.

They are accepting it at the fixed official international PETRO exchange rate, which boosts its value.
I am invited to give courses on #bitcoin in #Venezuela to hundreds of farmers. Would anyone like to donate some #DASH or #BCH so that I can forward these to the participants? @rogerkver @RTaylor05 @Dashpay @srust99
What is the *Best* currency possible? Article explores the concept and today's technology. There are two walk through videos at the end. #Venezuela