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1741d · global warming
The strongest animals are #vegan and the strongest humans too!!
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I always find a way to eat something #vegan in any restaurant. Salads, potatoes, rice. But i mostly eat from supermarkets as I mostly eat raw cereals/seeds/nuts & raw fruits/veggies.
Today I ate half a kilo of fresh fish caught this morning on the open carribean sea. I did that two times this year!! Am I a bad #vegan now? Must a #vegetarian be dogmatic?
In #Venezuela there is so much freedom that this construction worker who just gave me these details brings his own dog to work. In Europe these poor creatures have to be isolated at home going crazy. #vegan
These #marihuana cookies are deliciously #vegan even that the mainstream society in #Venezuela is so addicted to eggs & milk these humans with a compassionate attitude do exist here as well #peace #animalrights
If you really want to help any animal living on the streets then give him #vegan food which is not produced by killing other animals!! Just feed them and let them be free! No animal needs a human, they just want food!
Paid with #DASHTEXT peaceful #bitcoin money today: 3x🍋 = 1200 VES, 1,5kg🍌 = 6000 VES, 4x #vegan hamburger = 36000 VES & 2x coffee = 1600 VES at 4 different places for a total of 44800 VES (3 USD) I AM FULL :D
1741d · global warming
If you really want to help the climate there is just one way to do it right now and most effectively: go #vegan
#Vegan Secrets: Yes you can eat corn 🌽 & sweet potato 🥔 in their raw state & they are totally delicious & much more nutritious without cooking them.
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Respect can never be demanded as that in itself is disrespectful. Respect can only be given. Start giving respect to all the animals to understand what respect really means. #vegan
Black Eyed Peas, they make my body shake more often than most other pop music, how do they do that?! Still asking myself "Where is the love?" which is probably the most asked question in the mind of any #vegan
Today a guy with his girl ran after Chili to grab her and steal her freedom. These motherfuckers wanted to take her freedom calling that "help" as they thought she is a street dog. Leave the animals alone!! #vegan
Human piss is perfectly equilibrated NPK fertilizer! This is not a coincidence!! Our tree brothers which provide us with oxygen need our support! Don't waste that energy! Give it back to them! #vegan
Dogs are better humans, animals never lie. We can learn so much from them as dogs mirror human personality perfectly. We can discover our own true character in the behaviour of dogs. #vegan #psychology #philosophy
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The good news: #Venezuela is extremely rich in cheap or free organic #fruits & #vegetables as the government especially cares about sustainable #organic agriculture! #vegan
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14 days of water-fasting heals 50% of all #psychological disease, 30 days heals #diabetes, #asthma, #rheuma & long term #vegan raw food diet heals #cancer, but most humans never try...
Humans which got transformed into people believe that electricity is more important than healthy food & sunshine. #Venezuela is a food paradise! Fruits growing here are totally unavailable to european society #vegan
Currently watching the fishermen going to sea while the sun is rising over the horizont. I think I will eat a fish this year, hand fished in the Carribbean or Amazonas #Venezuela #vegan
I learned to speak the dog language, therefore Chili understands what I really want from her. As I respect her so much giving her absolute freedom always being without leash, she returns that respect & trust. #vegan
95% of everyone I meet is so happy to get to know Chili the #vegan dog, the purest soul on this planet, she is full of #love & #peace. #Fascists can not stand the light, they want others to suffer as do they...
Dogs behave very very very similar to their human friend, just like kids behave so similar to their parents... Whenever something about your dogs or kids upsets you, there is something you can learn. #vegan
Ruediger Dahlke: Kriege in Medizin und Körper – wie wir uns davor schützen und gesund bleiben #kenfm #vegan #vegetarisch #ueberlebensmittel #gesundheit
I started practicing #yoga five years ago. For the first time in life I have a straight posture. I learned to walk by going #barefoot, I learned to eat #raw #vegan food. The result is health, joy, power & freedom.
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Many people are living very well with $2 per day! I am one of them! In #Venezuela that is totally possible as a #vegan fruit & freedom lover.