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Devil’s Tower , Wyoming #USA 🇺🇸
While still living under #USA slavery in german territory during the past decades I stopped working as I didn't want to support their wars with my tax money. Now in #Venezuela I am happy to work again.
In the #fascist society created in #Europe & #USA it is even illegal for an artist to sell his handcrafted goods on the street, it is forbidden to sell paintings & to play music to survive in freedom. This is #fascism
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The real reason why #Venezuela is under attack by the #USA -> Venezuela is the most free market & society I have ever seen, you can make business without registering nor paying #taxes this is a threat to #fascism
John McAfee says at Minute 7 Second 18 that he is not paying taxes to the IRS: (the income tax laws have never been ratified by the states) You can stop paying taxes in the #USA now!
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I met travellers that have been forced by police to do drug tests in their office in Scandinavia just for wearing dread locks. This is #fascist empire #europe & #usa ruled by #cia law
Check the Likes & Dislikes count for that last video, they are extremely low, even so that video has many views, this is called ignorance which leads to more #fascism, many #USA inhabitants do not believe the truth...
I live in a country where public healthcare has been systematically dismantled and the political leaders weaponize biological hazards against the general public. #USA #YouAreNumber1 #IWearAMaskBecause
In #Europe & #USA the government officials, military, police earn the highest salaries... This is true corruption... This is the banking #mafia ruling these governments to oppress & enslave their population.
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This is happening in the #USA right now, Children in cages, being separated from their families, humans without any human rights, #fascism by an oppressive regime:
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That question shows who is really living under repressive regimes,. #USA United States of Fascism
The #USA is denying #JulianAssange and any other investigative journalist his human right of freedom of speech... The USA, Canada, Australia, UK, NZ are spying on all the world citizens with their five eyes agreement.
Afterwards the president of #Catalunya flew to take asylum in #germany where he was imprisoned by the German police. That's how much the #fascist opressive regimes in the #USA & #EU are working against the population
Right now is really the last time we are ever going to see #bch and #btc prices this low. Stack your sats. Think of the future, stack and hodl those things! #crypto #USA #worldnews
During the past years I was living mostly in #catalunya where the Spanish #fascist are occupieng that territory supported by the #USA & #EU since more than one hundred years. They even outlawed their language once.
The reason why #Venezuela is getting so bad propaganda is because this system demonstrates how humans can live peacefully in freedom without being slaves for the state. The #USA & Europe is pure slavery owned by banks
Oppression can refer to an authoritarian regime controlling its citizens via the monetary system & media, denying people any meaningful human rights... According to Wikipedia the #USA is an opressive regime...
Then I told the policeman that I am living in #Venezuela and that what he is doing is called #fascism... Here in Venezuela at least they respect the free opinion... In the #USA I would have been tazered at that point.
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#Protonmail has simply obtained funds from the #EU for protecting the population against the #NSA & #CIA which are located in the #USA. https://ec.europa.eu/programmes/horizon2020/en
Everything you have ever seen on TV about #Venezuela was a lie to manipulate you not to visit this beautiful place, so that the #USA can occupy it alone! USA destroys Venezuelan economy to buy the paradise cheap!!!
Some inhabitants of #Venezuela really believe that their government would be in any way worse than what we have all around the world! All governments in the world are useless! But in #Europe & #USA they are fascist!