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20d · Bitcoin SV
#faketoshi #shitversion #delistbsv Craig's fraud and crimes know no bounds. Who will he pretend to be next?
85d · Bitcoin SV
#faketoshi #shitversion #delistbsv Only the stupidest people follow what these charlatans say. All hype and no results. Losers.
200d · Bitcoin SV
Completely out of Bitcoin Stolen Valor (BSvision) #CultOfCraig #shitversion #retards

83d · Bitcoin SV
#faketoshi #shitversion #delistbsv All this time and the criminal fraud still has offered no cryptographic proof. #howembarrassing
126d · Bitcoin SV
135d · Bitcoin SV
Stop listening to the fake Living Prophet who keeps lying to everyone. Screw the #CultOfCraig Bullshit and the goons that enable him. Get out of #shitversion.
106d · Bitcoin SV
213d · Bitcoin SV
186d · BSV
#faketoshi #shitversion #delistbsv The asshole faked bitmessage screenshots like a moron. The fraud never ends. #howembarrassing
273d · Bitcoin SV
#faketoshi fraudulent fail fork can't die soon enough! Get out of #shitversion while you still can! #delistbsv #howembarrasing
135d · Bitcoin SV
Listen to LightRider, get out of #shitversion! Only time I will likely ever agree with that guy. #BSVision #cultofcraig
146d · Bitcoin SV
217d · Bitcoin SV
Get out of #shitversion now. Don't wait until the two people mining it both ends up in jail and broke. You're going to have nothing left if you keep bsv. You've been warned #delistbsv #faketoshi
161d · Bitcoin SV
The two criminal frauds that run #shitversion can't continue propping it up indefinitely. #faketoshi will be in jail soon for his many crimes. The pedo criminal Calvin will stop supporting it.
122d · memo
#shitversion keeps causing problems.
173d · Bitcoin SV
148d · Bitcoin SV
213d · Bitcoin SV
213d · Bitcoin SV
215d · Bitcoin SV
As long as #faketoshi is out there scamming people out of money by tricking them into buying #shitversion then I'll point out how crimes. He'll be in jail soon though and we can all #delistbsv.
264d · Bitcoin SV
215d · Bitcoin SV
217d · Bitcoin SV
#shitversion is being mined by two criminals. It's losing hash as it plummets in value. It's plummeting in value because the #faketoshi fraud is becoming even more apparent. Get out now.
217d · Bitcoin SV
You can get #shitversion cheaper when the two criminal frauds who mine it give up because they're broke and/or in jail. Can't solve that stumbling block. #faketoshi will be in jail soon.
217d · Bitcoin SV
#faketoshi followers and #shitversion shills can only cry about people pointing out the truth of their fraudulent fail fork and it's criminal leader. He's going to jail soon and your chain dies.