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replied · 41d
Are you talking about #rogerkver?
· 42d
#rogerkver prefers to start a video series about himself how he got rich by moving goods like a donkey from A to B than promoting the real cause of what #bitcoin is about & how it was created by hackers NOT economists
· 65d
Why is #bitpay not integrating #dash nor #ltc even if that would mean more revenue for them? #rogerkver says he would support any coin that works as P2P money. Still he is acting incongruent.
replied · 80d
"The fact that it is possible to sue #rogerkver shows that he is a fake anarchist.". You make ZERO sense logically and it shows that you know NOTHING about judicial systems.
replied · 58d
I like to stack low! Creating false expectations is what got us in the biggest mess in the #BCH & #DASH community. #rogerkver #bitcoincom #discoverdash #dashmerchant really fucked up
replied · 58d
Science & Wisdom is created by experience, there are very few humans actually experimenting as that would require fearlessness, most humans are totally controlled by fear. #rogerkver
· 83d
This is the answer I received from #rogerkver after reporting that censorship on r/btc:

"I think you are out of touch with reality.
The mod logs have not been modified and no one is getting banned."

Roger Ver
replied · 52d
Send me some #BCH stickers & I will spread them at the merchants! #rogerkver & his team at #bitcoincom refused to send me any, as they fear competition to their marketing strategy.
replied · 106d
There is a reason why #BTC has enormously grown while #BCH lost investors: #rogerkver has totally mismanaged the project #DASH is way superior P2P money with instandsend & chainlocks
replied · 82d
The fact that it is possible to sue #rogerkver shows that he is a fake anarchist. Real anarchists are not registered with any government, real bitcoiners can not be sued.
replied · 41d
That is exactly what #bitcoincom is targeting for, irrational #rogerkver fanboys identifying with an illusionary story, creating a cult, not caring about the #censorship facts anymore.
replied · 95d
THANK YOU!! That reveals how r/btc has becoming a censorship paradise!! WTF?! ROGER WTF?!?! You were promoting that platform so often on YouTube as censorship resistant!!! #rogerkver
· 83d
#bitcoin was never anti-government and it was never intended to be a libertarian movement as it is being promoted by #rogerkver as it is just a tool that allows incorruptible censorship resistant communication.
· 73d
Really the only decentralised coin is #bitcoin #BTC simply because of the fee market and #rogerkver lacked to understand that. The whole BCH community was making fun of the champaign poppers but they were right.
replied · 87d
Roger Very has failed with his business man strategy, ignoring the real community, which is now working with #BSV while just the fanboys stick to #BCH like a soccer club #rogerkver
· 76d
Our community is fucked because most of us are too fucking stupid to even use an encrypted email provider. Most of our communication channels are censored but still naive idiots like #rogerkver keep promoting them.
· 73d
Where are all the "ALT COIN" spammers now?! #BTC climbed to nearly 70% dominance again, #rogerkver is such a looser, he totally fucked up the chance he had, but the same accounts for the Dash Core Group and #BSV
replied · 95d
I am working for the public, completely voluntarely, because of people like you, which are so confused and full of hate... Self importance is accumulating money/power like #rogerkver
· 84d
#rogerkver being social means listening to everyone's opinion equally to create a real connection with as many humans as possible that then forms our reality. Reading books and overvaluing the content creates egoism.
replied · 106d
Bitcoin Cash Activist Man Of No Ego
Actually it is the #BCH fan base that is ignoring the spirit of #satoshinakamoto following #rogerkver blindly ignoring the #BTC value proposition which is digital gold.
· 98d
NEWS: #BSV will be more monetary successful than #BCH long term... Because it is not being managed by #rogerkver because they actually deliver excellent products and not just propaganda... #bitcoincash has failed...
replied · 95d
The service offered by local.bitcoin.com is a geek market, normal users have zero problem with a custodial exchange... #rogerkver has been solving issues to non existing problems...
replied · 72d
#rogerkver clearly does not work with the community directly, he came up with his OWN payment processer, his OWN company, his OWN domain to promote his OWN strategy in an egoistic way.
created poll · 73d
In 2018 I sent an E-Mail to #rogerkver, the rating of his wallet was at 3.7 stars in the Play Store, I told him how to buy ratings, shortly after it climbed to 4.0 Want me to publish the E-Mail on honest.cash?
Yes I want transparency 1 votes · 0 satoshis
Nope I can not stand the truth 0 votes · 0 satoshis
I do not give a fuck about Roggi "faketard" Ver 0 votes · 0 satoshis


· 86d
Maybe #rogerkver is just a stubborn kid that does not realise that even if his idealistic principles would work in a vacuum, he is not living in a vacuum and must respect others choice to progress slower.
· 52d
At no point will the victim take responsibility for what he's going through. Instead, he will shift the blame onto others and hold them responsible for all his 'misfortunes' and troubles. #rogerkver #dailymemo