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I talked to a grownup, she told me once my data leaves my computer and travels onto the Internet, it is forever out of my control. Especially if I write it onto a blockchain, e.g. using #Memo.

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Hey #memo, now that twitter is buggy, how do we increase adoption on this platform and provide posting stats to users. Impression count needed.
· 14d · Memo Suggestions
Hey #memo, would it be worth adding a "pin" your favorite post to the top of profile? This way I could have my poll stay on top until completion.
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· 19d
I'm semi-stuck in nyc unless I pay a premium. Does anyone on #memo know how I can get to Hartford, CT without getting ripped off?
· 35d
#MemoChallenge : Post an UNPOPULAR opinion you hold in the comment section!! #memo #dailymemo
· 72d
Wow. 27 new users on memo in the last two days 😱😎 #memo #memobch
· 19d
My Red Chevy Sonic Turbo LT 2015 got confiscated after a "publicity stunt" in NYC @ 1 World Trade Center on 9/15/19. Does anyone on #memo have leads to its whereabouts?

Please message me directly. Thanks.
· 36d
The main reason for splitting from #bitcoin was so that we can even pay for a cup of coffee with #BCH. We can spend and replace, as well as #hodl. Plus, build daily and affordable #Dapps such as #Memo. #Bitcoin2.0
· 13d · Memo Suggestions
Is it possible to get a custom profile URL on #memo? Preferable much shorter in character count?
· 29d
Instead of #BCH having named addresses, we could all just have a #Memo account. When you want to send #BitcoinCash to anyone, you can just send it to their Memo account. Although, Memo first needs #2FA #DailyMemo
· 32d
Liking your own post? Yay or Nay? I go for Nay..... #dailymemo #memo
replied · 34d
Simple, image uploading and video. I #love #Memo, but I can honestly say it's feature list is like the 2012 Twitter version.
· 26d
Everyone come join the #Memo #Telegram channel now! Let's get it over 100 members!! Use the invite link: https://t.me/memocash #Memoers
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I highly recommend to lower the #memo token fee to less than 1% if you don't want to kill your business before it can be milked...
· 22d
Reddit is totally fucked, any site that has moderators is totally fucked, they always get crazy on their ego... I am so happy we have #memo & now I realize we need more censorship resistant channels I will provide...
· 29d
Honest question, is the interest rate too low on #LEND5 since it`s not selling? or am I doing something wrong? #dailymemo #memo
· 40d
#Memo NEEDS image uploading ASAP! It is a standard and essential social networking feature. Use IPFS if you have to. #DailyMemo
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500,000 Total Memo actions #memo #bitcoincash
replied · 23d
I am not using #Twitter man!! I am on #memo the place of censorship resistance...
replied · 32d
Thanks for the bug report. I think it might be a slp token spam problem - bitbox gives me the first 20 utxos - if they are all slp tokens, none can be spent. #memo
· 35d
I'm not quite sure what we are building here on #memo, but it's #amazing!
· 36d
i am hereby muted by beta male and communist, dixnorkel ! #memo #dailymemo #proud
replied · 15d
#Memo is not censored. The majority of other media platforms are not.
· 51d
I truly believe #Memo can fully replace #Twitter given enough professional developer support. #AcceptTheBCH
· 59d
Hey everyone! I made a wishlist of features and updates I would love to see come to #Memo! Let me know what I missed. Cheers! https://honest.cash/v2/merhalish/my-memocash-features-and-updates-wish-list-5932 #Memocash