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Always believe in yourself even when the path gets tough. Keep going and you'll achieve great things. 😊❤👌



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What do you do if it is raining?
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Some people are getting attention of generous tipper, while there are people like me who are being ignored continuously, I just want to say don't lose hope, he will notice your posts too, just have some patience
I purchased some cash tokens on couldron and currently holding around 5 of them in my wallet. MonkeyCash has experienced a significant drop, but I'm optimistic about its potential for recovery in the near future #memo

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Other people's direction may take you away from your own path. Before you become loyal to anyone else, become loyal to yourself.



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Why the Memo is so silent
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About Bitcoin Cash (Bch)
BCH is a fork of what crypto?
A) Bitcoin SV
B) Bitcoin
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