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Why is sats needed to sell slp token here in #memo now i cant sell my tokens because i dont have any sats!!!!!!!!
How many active users are here on #Memo?
#memo can you help me with my 0.051 bch please 😢 i accidentaly sent it to a btc address :(
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#memo suggestion: the ability to bookmark posts. Maybe a search by a specific number of sats tipped, so u could bookmark e.g interesting tech stuff by tipping 612 sats.
what was the largest amount of BCH you had here in the memo? me: 30,000,000 sats #BCH #MEMO
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Suggest feature: the ability to delete undeletable drunken shtposts.😳
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Hahaha and gosh it's not even stopping from diving! Welcome to #memo dude!
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Just released an update to #hashtags. There were a few cases that weren't handled properly. If you notice any #bugs with hash tags please let me know. #memo
I would love to see the Token ID listed on the Memo token page. With so many duplicates popping up, it would make it much easier to identify the real deal tokens. Forward #Memo! #SLP #BCH #SimpleLedger
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Added a couple more airdrops to the website. Will be picking 20 random SOUR holders to get 1000 SPICE 🌶️each on Halloween - Oct. 31st!

#BCH #SLP #memo
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seems only imgur links are properly rendered, but imgur forces you to create an account. My suggestion is to have some bbcode on #Memo.
Wow. 27 new users on memo in the last two days 😱😎 #memo #memobch
#memo suggestion: add token id and token date creation to the token sell page. It would make it 100Xs easier to tell the difference between a legitimate and illegitimate or fake/copy token
I casually stroll into the #memo bar and proceed to smash a bottle of Bombay Sapphire on @darkspace's head repeatedly.

Then I take the shards and stab him in the lower spine, again and again.
Watching the Zuckerberg grilling it seems only natural that a platform like #MEMO has the potential to supplant the current social network giants.
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#memo now supports #hashtags!
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Please #memo add a little like button directly under the notifications, its really annoying having to click on each reply notification to like it and then go back to do the same again. THANKS
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Hey #memo, now that twitter is buggy, how do we increase adoption on this platform and provide posting stats to users. Impression count needed.
Hi everyone
I am new here in #memo.cash
Can anyone please explain how we earn some crypto here?
#btcfork #menoo @heyrhett
Best Regards
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Update Logo ADD Token (Air Drop Daily)

141d · Memo Suggestions
It would be nice for #memo to display some sort of token performance detail so that I can know the direction each token is headed, up/down.
#MemoChallenge : Post an UNPOPULAR opinion you hold in the comment section!! #memo #dailymemo