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· 83d
#LN on BTC is an inherently flawed idea with no economic thought behind it whatsoever.

This is why liquidity providers start to leave already (too much risk for a non-existent reward).

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· 104d
If you still hold any BTC, you are as retarded as the people who hoped to make money by running LN nodes.

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· 104d
#LN is a misdevelopment
"The scaling protocol could consolidate into the hands of just a few node operators. If they go, the Lightning Network might be gone in a flash."

· 181d
"Business owners across Australia are dropping support for @Blockstream's failing #BTC and #LN, opting to fully endorse #BCH as the superior money. "
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· 311d
Twitter CEO and censorship lover Jack Dorsey ramped up hyping LN / BlockstreamCore lately.

He must feel very secure about his investment. :D

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replied · 101d
Bad things can also take time. "18 months(tm)" #LN
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replied · 39d
#LN turned out to be a fucking joke (as predicted)
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