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Finally the betting platform of TokenHonk is live!

This may drive Honk price up!

I will check it tomorrow, I have to watch it because I carry gambling blood.

25,900,000 satoshi have just been delivered to every RFND holder.

Refund token appreciates all your investment, tomorrow we will release the report on Uptrennd and read.cash and here as well.

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The most purchased token rating in Memo is:
1- SPICE (1,610 sales)
2- HONK (1,223 sales)
3- SOUR (1,044 sales)

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SBS token went higher today by 160,000 sat, that is very good for our Refund Token.

After it reaches 75,000 tokens sold on the site (13.5 K left), its price will go to 2.5 USD. (today 0.0105 BCH)

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If any legit SLP token wants to participate more on giveaway held on 04/21 on Uptrennd, you are very welcome to help me make this really big!

Nice surprise for me on Altilly.
Someone bought from me Honk tokens for 3.2 BCH satoshi each a week ago.

This token has an enormous potential and everyone should have it.

Record high sale of Honk Honk token on Altilly:
900,000 Honk tokens were sold for 0.009 Bitcoin, that was around 26 BCH satoshi per token last Saturday on February 1st.
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Some has just bought 500 million Honk on Altilly for 2 BCH. A very nice volume for one operation.

Hi everyone, #SPICE #HONK #CYFROG #BCH 😍😍😍
Today I had a vision I wanna share: Probably it's one of the last days that we will see Honk token that cheap. The opening of their platform is coming and it will get more expensive.
Refund team has just sent to every RFND holder the corresponding Bitcoin Cash back.

Thanks to everybody and also to Divvy and Honk tokens to make this happen!

The next BCH back on May 9th again.

#RFND #Honk #Divvy
Today total value of RFND holdings is estimated 0.28 BCH, which is 250% more vs March 9th. We recorded strong profits today.

It has been possible thanks to all your support, new investments and profits.

#Honk #DV
Second RFND clearance: From April 1st to April 9th.

At each purchase of each RFND we will give you 33.33% (1/3) extra free bonus.
New price on April 1st of 0.32 BCH satoshi per token.

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It's pretty good to stake SBS token, so far I received 135.7 RNEW for staking 4 SBS, which is around 4.1% of my investment in 5 weeks. I feel happy about it.

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I was very happy when I saw new Honks in my wallet.
You guys made my day!

Hot Promotion - Valid until March 31st.

If you purchase 600 million RFND for 1.62 BCH, you will be given as a bonus: 200 million RFND and 30 million HONK.

This is unique and exclusive for memonians.

#RFND #Honk
This hot promotion is still ON!

On purchase of 600 million RFND for 1.62 BCH, you will be given as a bonus: 200,000,000 RFND and 30,000,000 HONK.

Exclusive for memonians.

#RFND #Honk
This is an important update for all of us: Honkers
RNEW Cash will be airdroping for Honker hoddlers.

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