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IMAGINE WE ARE ALL WHALES-ON IT-TODO PERSONAS IN TODO MUDO TIENES FUTURE BIEN CON #CRYPTO #GITHUB #C #SLP #ETH https://github.com/users/1Crazymoney/projects/1#column-9767221
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But it still can be fixed whenever someone is willing to put in the effort and why do say the code is not publicly available if there is a #GitHub repo for #Memo
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free code camp is a great resource and of course my site @ www.locopecunainc.com you will need a #github account and #BC
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Is to be left to the management of #GITHUB #PSF (permission-less software foundation) with specific instructions for the combination of the use of the Nevada C-corporation
https://WolfBot.org #Github version now has an official #Docker image. Play with 200+ technical indicators and 80+ strategies on 25+ exchanges without #TypeScript + Mongo setup

And talk to me if u are an UI dev😇
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To my fellow mankind in oppressive Government (lockdown) situations.. Venezuela, China, Russia, etc.
I hope and Pray the #GTU (Global Trade Unit) finds you and sets you Free.. c++ program close to finished! #github