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394d · Capitalism
The stupid #fuckingcapitalists will put you out of a job and then wonder why no one can afford their products.
222d · Capitalism
Capitalism and the #fuckingcapitalists are the greatest blight on humanity and the planet Earth. It is a disease of the mind that will be fatal to the host species and its home planet.
115d · Capitalism
What a shocker. The #fuckingcapitalists, the world's most ruthless warmongers, didn't tell the truth about Afghanistan war. Fuck them.
294d · Capitalism
The #fuckingcapitalists always ensure they have socialism for the rich. It's the only way to keep their bullshit system working.
154d · Capitalism
Economics In One Lesson by Henry Hazlitt is one of the best books about economics I've read so far. I understand capitalism much better because of it. #fuckingcapitalists
203d · Capitalism
294d · Capitalism
The brutal exploitation of workers by the #fuckingcapitalists will not end until we end capitalism.
119d · Capitalism
The #fuckingcapitalists steal wealth from workers so they can have criminally decadent lives. Fuck them.
294d · Capitalism
The insane psycho monsters that make up the #fuckingcapitalists are only a tiny minority. We must all come together to beat them.
296d · Capitalism
If the #fuckingcapitalists can't starve the children they'll damn sure fucking indebt them. Monsters.
269d · Capitalism
Technology education and human creativity is what enabled us to produce more. The #fuckingcapitalists have restricted our ability and desire to help people without a profit motive. Fuck them.
288d · Capitalism
425d · Capitalism
The #fuckingcapitalists are killing us because they can't outgrow their monkey brains.
208d · US Politics/Trump
147d · Capitalism
The #fuckingcapitalists have never made anything themselves. They only exploit the work and ideas of others.
296d · Capitalism
Unfortunately the government has always been captured and run by the #fuckingcapitalists.
322d · Capitalism
They don't give a fuck about solutions or whether you have one or not. They just want to keep murdering you and your family for their convenience and profit. The #fuckingcapitalists are insane.
93d · Capitalism
The #fuckingcapitalists are creating so much dangerous inequality that there will be no avoiding collapse and violent revolution.
220d · Racism
The greedy racist #fuckingcapitalists are burning the lungs of the Earth.
220d · Capitalism
The greedy racist #fuckingcapitalists are burning the lungs of the Earth for fucking profit. They will destroy all life on Earth for a fucking nickel.
157d · Capitalism
Bch is one of the many daggers we will use to end the false authority and psychotic reign of the #fuckingcapitalists. Every weapon we can use against them will be employed to save humanity.
272d · Capitalism
Mute me all you want. You can't mute the truth of what the #fuckingcapitalists are doing to us.
The fuckers who wrote the Libra white paper don't understand Bitcoin, blockchain or cryptocurrency. These #fuckingcapitalists can't compete with the real deal and it will be so satisfying to see them crash and burn.
210d · Capitalism
The #fuckingcapitalists need to be shamed into doing the very minimum possible actions that they can take to protect life.
357d · Capitalism
The #fuckingcapitalists want you to be dying of thirst. Then you'll buy their bottled water that they stole.