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4d · Capitalism
The #fuckingcapitalists don't give a fuck about you. They don't give a fuck about you. THEY. DON'T. GIVE. A. FUCK. ABOUT. YOU. They will let you die for money
9d · Capitalism
The #fuckingcapitalists shout all day that the market is the only thing that works. One tiny virus proves otherwise. Fuck them.
5d · Capitalism
There is nothing inherent to human nature that causes capitalism. The #fuckingcapitalists need you to believe otherwise. Fuck them.
29d · Capitalism
The #fuckingcapitalists don't want to help people or solve problems. They only want to steal wealth and destroy things. Fuck them.
31d · Capitalism
The #fuckingcapitalists steal wealth from those of us who do all the work. That's all they've ever done. Fuck them.
42d · Capitalism
The #fuckingcapitalists are terrified of a Bernie presidency. Good. Fuck those greedy assholes and their fucking wealth.
46d · Capitalism
Crony capitalism is capitalism. It is what the #fuckingcapitalists will always engage in because capitalism rewards the worst behavior. Where there are capitalists there are crimes. Fuck them.
197d · Capitalism
I am one of the #fuckingcapitalists. I understand the ire against it, yet it remains the only system that allows for individual freedom. All other systems subjugate individual to the state.
110d · Capitalism
124d · Capitalism
The #fuckingcapitalists will crush you and then get away with it because they have more power than government. Fuck them/their deadly greed.
135d · Capitalism
127d · Capitalism
The #fuckingcapitalists are killing the whole planet.
108d · Capitalism
The #fuckingcapitalists aren't going to clean up the mess they made here. They want to escape to a different planet and fuck it up.
112d · Capitalism
The #fuckingcapitalists are waging constant warfare against you. Start fighting back.
167d · Capitalism
Rampant spamming and abuse of the commons that we all share is exactly what the #fuckingcapitalists have done throughout all of human history. Their endless greed and insane ego harm us all.
266d · Capitalism
The #fuckingcapitalists want you to believe that this is the way things are supposed to be. They want you to feel helpless and think there's nothing better.
185d · Capitalism
Unlike the #fuckingcapitalists, the pagans never thought that burning down the planet for an extra buck was a great fucking idea asshole.
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And you post this with a device created by #fuckingcapitalists
188d · global warming
The #fuckingcapitalists knew for decades that they were destroying our only home planet. Their insane greed made them deny it.
217d · Capitalism
198d · Capitalism
The #fuckingcapitalists can't keep it in their pants so they punish workers. Fuck them and their insane greed.
162d · Capitalism
The days of the #fuckingcapitalists are numbered.
replied 166d
It's not a matter of hate but reality. Spin it the way you want to but thanks to the blockchain we know what you did. You can't undo it or hide it. The #fuckingcapitalists can't hide.
98d · Capitalism
The #fuckingcapitalists are murdering all of humanity.
391d · Capitalism
The stupid #fuckingcapitalists will put you out of a job and then wonder why no one can afford their products.
219d · Capitalism
Capitalism and the #fuckingcapitalists are the greatest blight on humanity and the planet Earth. It is a disease of the mind that will be fatal to the host species and its home planet.