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67d · Bitcoin SV
#faketoshi #shitversion #delistbsv Craig's fraud and crimes know no bounds. Who will he pretend to be next?
42d · memo
I'm sorry that you have to continue supporting #faketoshi #shitversion. Thanks for all the hard work you're doing. Hopefully that fail chain does soon and we can all move on without it
Interesting. That would make Craig Wright and the BSV miners liable for e.g. CP put on the BSV blockchain:

#CSW #faketoshi #BSV
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#faketoshi #shitversion #delistbsv Only the stupidest people follow what these charlatans say. All hype and no results. Losers.
Craig S Wiright is not Satoshi Nakamoto. He is just a malicious conman. Sue me #calvin #faketoshi
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170d · Crypto Wall of Shame
Craig S. Wright - Satoshi impostor, scammer, serial liar and most importantly, one of the biggest jokes of the crypto scene.

#Faketoshi #Suetoshi
TIL: There are idiots outside of the rapidly collapsing #Faketoshi cult who consider #BSV as competition to legit cryptocurrencies.
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#faketoshi fraudulent fail fork can't die soon enough! Get out of #shitversion while you still can! #delistbsv #howembarrasing
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#faketoshi #shitversion #delistbsv All this time and the criminal fraud still has offered no cryptographic proof. #howembarrassing
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232d · BSV
#faketoshi #shitversion #delistbsv The asshole faked bitmessage screenshots like a moron. The fraud never ends. #howembarrassing
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The fraudulent #faketoshi fail fork can't even compete with a bch SLP token. What a joke of a dying chain. Get out now! #delistbsv
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More bullshit nonsense from a #Faketoshi zealot.

If you really cared about miners then you would be on BTC.
264d · Bitcoin SV
Get out of #shitversion now. Don't wait until the two people mining it both ends up in jail and broke. You're going to have nothing left if you keep bsv. You've been warned #delistbsv #faketoshi
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The two criminal frauds that run #shitversion can't continue propping it up indefinitely. #faketoshi will be in jail soon for his many crimes. The pedo criminal Calvin will stop supporting it.
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#faketoshi can't do a simple thing like sign a message to prove his claim. He has to file fake documents to scam a widow. He has to flee Australia to stay out of jail. He is a loser fraud.
More #bitcoin users are spending time reading stupid news about #faketoshi than actually going out to promote adoption... This is stupidity.
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