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Next Governor of California
Remember kids, time spent lying about Bitcoin is time not spent telling the truth about the federal reserve. bernanke, yellen, powell, they should be apprehended immediately as Enemies of the State.
Australia Traces 80% Of Coronavirus Cases Back To The US & The Fed Merging With The Treasury
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Next Governor of California
M2 money supply of >$20 TRILLION is transitory? OK JPow, when are we going back to <$5 TRILLION like it was 25 years ago? Eagerly awaiting your response on how you will remove >$15TRILLION from M2.
Next Governor of California
Bitcoin is too volatile? I would call 0-$47k in 11 years GOOD volatility. BAD volatility is the US dollar losing 73% of its value from 1966 to 1987, and 99%+ of its value the last 100 years.