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It would be truly #respectful not to mention any difference in opinion, as that is already the fight of the #ego #Humans are not meant to be #conformists with similar oppinions...
Text messaging practiced consciously is a powerful tool as it does not allow entering into a conflict as easy as an argument face to face. This way we can disarm the #ego which feeds itself with #hate & #anger
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You are right! I don't care about words that are not being used in common language. I care about what humans understand when I use certain words, not what the dictionary says. #ego
The issue is when you can not even prove the opposite to yourself in your mind but do not want to admit that the offending opinion might actually be true. Then the #ego gets angry like #rogerkver has proven many times
Many #humans in #venezuela are so lovely, you can argue with them wildly one day and the next day they come to offer you a present :) this is true #love detached from the #ego
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Every single person, that is famous in the bitcoin space, is an #ego poser. Creating a center of attention is totally against our principles of decentralization & power to the people.
The hardest challenge for most #ego minded humans is to let go of the control of their illusionary mind. They identify so much with their thoughts. This is the first lesson to be learned from consuming plant #medicine
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Tokenize your #ego then sell it to your fanboys
His whole approach was so useless, as after he was out of sight, just 200m later, obviously I took off the shirt again. This is #stupidity isn't it? Why is his #ego so #stupid to harass me for that & even be #fascist
Humans should be proud & happy about their community members showing off a healthy lifestyle because the whole society benefits from healthy participants. Yet the #ego is programmed totally the other way around #crazy
The more we grow our #ego with #achievements & #properties attached to our name, the more we care about this image & less about the world as a whole. The easier we become corruptible. #Peace is #freedom of the ego.
My strategy to liberate lost #souls from the #ego is to give them time to reflexionate about what they send to the #universe as I always leave them with their message for at least 24h before I respond
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The whole issue of #BCH is created around the #ego of this guy, he thinks he knows everything best but has totally mismanaged the project, the results are obvious BTC:BCH ratio at 1:25