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Someone just sent me 0.003 BCH. I will add this to my token's liquidity.Maybe it's #Donatello ? But whoever it is, I appreciate it tho. To those who wants to donate, check the comment.

Guys dont forget the cashrain of #donatello to join, 3hrs more left before to know whose gonna get the jackpot prize, hurry up dont waste the opportunity

It's a very hot afternoon that you might want to be on the beach right now drinking a hot coffee,. 😅
Kidding aside,. For those who got 10 and below or none #DONATELLO token, comment and I'll give each 2 DONATELLO.
This is an appreciation post to #Donatello

Thank you for continuously supporting every users in here. For giving tips, tokens, sharing your fun dance and music daily.

We're here to keep supporting you as well🤗
On behalf of Mr. #Donatello. He's trying to tip all of ypur comments but unfortunately he can't. He's account on memo having an error causing him not able to tip and post.

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#GDTM bitcoincash:zrxn8ee6ja676dcdg2dmfghqqpl30f25w53fvngh53

Everyday I always checking your 2 unnamed token wishing it pumps. Ahaha coz it really excitement. Thanks #DONATELLO
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Meeeee 🤗 #Donatello
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Iam not having #Donatello, would be happy to receive some

So $Donatello and $Greg token on cauldron disappear.
We are all warned by #Donatello itself that $Donatello token is not created by him but it seems like some are still buying it.....

Thanks #DONATELLO I swap my 30 unnamed token and it made my day!!! Yahoo!! Feels like I am a winner! Cashtoken is rock!!! 🔥

New rare token by #Donatello .
It's price is currently at 7k+ satoshis each. Quite expensive but it's price might go up in the future.

Always do your own research before investing.

Beware 📣

A $Donatello token appeared on cauldron earlier. But good thing I didn't buy anything.
#Donatello created 3 tokens but all of it are unnamed, so why would he......
I missed all the token that pumps today. #BANANA #2UNNAMED TOKEN OF #DONATELLO, but it's okay. I am busy, and I can't handle all the things in one. CONGRATS to those who swap their tokens. 👏

Thanks for the tips #Donatello and #ChainXOR .

Good evening memo world. I've been busy at work and missed some chances in cauldron. Well, that's life
Hope that more opportunity comes

Thanks, #DONATELLO, for sending us cashtoken! I checked it this morning. ❤️ My funds are almost drain, but next time, I will buy. Thanks!

Thank you #Donatello for keep supporting other users here especially those who are holding Donatello tokens.

Let's all dance, have fun, and enjoy memo together.
25d · Dance and music
Respiro - Original short composition by Donatello
#originalmusic #guitar #Donatello Have a nice day!
22d · Dance and music
Voglio ballare con te - Dance, music and guitar playing by Donatello
#originalmusic #Donatello #dance #music

I checked the #Donatello token on Cauldron, and now I'm wishing I sell it. Ahaha, it reached 20M each , oh my!

Im proudly say im include in the top 10 list of #donatello tokens in mint. Im always support the possible i could for donatello. Try now guys and have fun collecting tokens

So I received 5 tokens last night from #Donatello , it's a nameless token.
He said that it's rare considering that the supply of it is limited.
So I decided to keep it for a moment.

Sir #Donatello is this yours?

Looks like those Gold Members from #Donatello giveaway are starting to swap the token they received.
Well, just continue that and maybe it can lower the price and we can afford to buy

I wonder now how much this unnamed token of #DONATELLO will cost when it pumps. 🤔 Since the value of it fixes in 500,000 to 600,000. #LOLLIPOP, too, didn't decrease in 100

#DONATELLO token pumps on Cauldron.

Wow, #Donatello, for just a minute, your 2nd unnamed token increased to 306 and counting, Woohh! What could I expect more?