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#donate4SOUR to OpenBazaar
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103d · SOUR
🍋 Donate4SOUR app is LIVE. Donate 100K+ sats BCH to a listed organization at https://donate.sourtoken.cash and tag your send post with #donate4SOUR then you shall be rewarded in SOUR SLP tokens!
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replied 44d
I'm running https://donate.sourtoken.cash to reward SOUR to those donating 100k+ sats to select orgs (donations must also be tagged with #Donate4SOUR on Memo or from EC SLP wallet).
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#donate4SOUR to FREE ROSS! Doing some more testing.
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Steven Solijon
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#Donate4SOUR for you
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Best of luck with this #donate4SOUR project
Steven Solijon
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#Donate4SOUR use it for your business. Thank you!😘
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#donate4sour to Archive.org
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Feels good
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#donate4SOUR Great project, keep up the good work!
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#Donate4SOUR to Archive.org
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#donate4SOUR to Archive.org
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Steven Solijon
sent · 200,000 sats 52d
#Donate4SOUR Feed the hungry in Valenzuela. Thank you!