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#faketoshi #shitversion #delistbsv The asshole faked bitmessage screenshots like a moron. The fraud never ends. #howembarrassing
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The fraudulent #faketoshi fail fork can't even compete with a bch SLP token. What a joke of a dying chain. Get out now! #delistbsv
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#faketoshi fraudulent fail fork can't die soon enough! Get out of #shitversion while you still can! #delistbsv #howembarrasing
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Get out of #shitversion now. Don't wait until the two people mining it both ends up in jail and broke. You're going to have nothing left if you keep bsv. You've been warned #delistbsv #faketoshi
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#delistbsv Shit Version will die soon.
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Shapeshift to #delistbsv. Kraken likely to follow suit. Shit Version can't die fast enough.
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Faketoshi is a fraud/criminal. He'll be in jail soon. Get out of shit version while you still can #delistbsv http://bitcoinmagazine.com/articles/op-ed-how-many-wrongs-make-wright/
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As long as #faketoshi is out there scamming people out of money by tricking them into buying #shitversion then I'll point out how crimes. He'll be in jail soon though and we can all #delistbsv.
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Shit Version has 6 block reorg because they didn't do any of the work necessary to make sure big blocks would actually work. What a fucking incompetent shit show they're running. #delistbsv
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Faketoshi fail fork keeps losing devs exchanges and implementations. Shit version users are so fucked. #delistbsv
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Faketoshi fraud continues to be exposed. Shit Version users are being embarrassed daily. #delistbsv https://www.reddit.com/r/btc/comments/bpdac1/address_16cou7ht6wjtzufydbnht9hmvxytg6xdvt_does/
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Faketoshi had until Wednesday to prove he has Satoshi's bitcoins. He won't because he can't so he'll lose in court, be proven a fraud yet again and sit version will go down. #delistbsv
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Faketoshi has zero degrees of separation from fraud, lies, criminal acts and l charlatanism. #delistbsv
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