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#memo has already replaced #twitter it is just a question of time until others realise it. It is the same for #DASH #bitcoin #BCH as low fee money and #BTC as digital gold
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What is hostup? Accept #DASH via http://dashtext.io & #BCH via http://cointigo.io or cointext. What's the issue? If you are a real world place put yourself on http://bitcoinmap.cash
Best thing about #Venezuela: You can introduce humans to #bitcoin #DASH with donations as little as 0.65 cent (100 bolivars) This is not possible with #BCH as minimum tx with bitcoincom wallet is at 5 cents!
Psychology is the driving force in the #cryptocurrency adoption race, NOT eonomics... Because most humans do not understand mathematics and economics at all... #DASH #bitcoin #rogerkver #bch #btc #bitcoincash
The restaurant & food industry is the one with the highest margin of all the real world merchants, therefore their risk to participate in our new peaceful #bitcoin #DASH economy is the lowest.
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How do you define "use"? Venezuela is by far the most adopted in terms of real world merchants. #bitcoin #DASH
Each time we affiliate a new merchant to #DASH #BCH or any other real #bitcoin we create peace! Step by step! Spend by spend! World peace is coming. Collaboration & communication is creating an international community
Going to bed in the streets of #Caracas #Venezuela after affiliating a new street merchant that sells coffee, sugar & cigarettes. While I was on the way to buy some fruits with #dash
After discoverdash.com bravely reviewed the stores on their website to remove all the outdated entries there are 1414 left for Venezuela, out of which are 300 places where we can buy food or drinks. #DASH
Humans which do not understand mathematics, easily take small risks, like accepting #DASH #bitcoin at their real world shop, instead of taking a big risk, of sending large amounts of remittance or speculating with it.
Why is #bitpay not integrating #dash nor #ltc even if that would mean more revenue for them? #rogerkver says he would support any coin that works as P2P money. Still he is acting incongruent.
I have never seen anyone denying his guests to film a #DASH event. What is the purpose of that George Donnelly? Why are you afraid to release uncensored real information? How many attendants do you really have?
George Donnelly promotes #DASH but fails to collaborate with the community. In one way that shows the autonomous decentralised nature of the DAO but in another way it shows how stupid egotistical he thinks.
George Donnelly forbids anyone to grab videos on DashLatam events. I wanted to promote it on Instagram to get more people to the upcoming events. His idiot salesmen kicked me out for that. That is a shame for #DASH
You can be living off #DASH completely in many places on the world already: https://dashnews.org/crypto-ramble-living-off-crypto-actually-with-joel-valenzuela/
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It is a psychological challenge to understand the utility of #bitcoins #DASH #cryptography as even most speculators are not using encrypted email addresses...
When you use #DASHTEXT #DASH you should use the number 9910 for Digitel and the number 3457 for Moviestar to get a response within one second!! Send "CREAR" to that number now and I will send a donation.
Eating a meal paid with #dashtext at Burger Center, #Caracas, #Venezuela. #DASH is the only real #bitcoin that allows living without touching #FIAT at all, and #realbitcoinclub just got started here...
There is no business bigger than banking. #bitcoin #dash #bch #btc is disrupting the banks. Still many think they would be unaffected.
I just registered with uphold.com then I deposited some #dash to try to exchange it for cash to make a bank transfer. They instantly asked for my personal data, now they won't even let me withdraw my own funds...
If the #BCH community would really be into #bitcoins for ideological reasons then why should they not use #DASH which has actually made much more for the real world adoption actually helping societies in Venezuela??
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In addition to that #DASH tx cost is lower, is sent instantly with Masternode confirmation, the chain algorithm is 10x stronger. And it is totally undervalued which means bigger ROI.
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But the #DASH community is actually more interested in real world adoption & 10x bigger than the #BCH community in Venezuela so the chance of them buying into that coin is much higher.
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Of course they are able to do that, and also the SHA256 algorithm is weak enough to be broken in the next decades... therefore #DASH is the solution... DASH uses 11 algorithms!!
To really understant the power of #DASH and why it is so technically superior to #BCH you must actually use it, or watch this video how I am using it: (INCL. SECRET MESSAGE)
I just drank a delicious juice and paid 1500 bolivars in the streets with #dashtext #dash