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· 20h
Memo doesn't seem to be growing, but at least the people keeping it alive aren't leaving. #dailymemo
· 1d
Sometimes all it takes is a conversation to make everything better. Misunderstandings can waste so much time and energy. #dailymemo
· 1d
I can't decide what excites me most. That BCH has the potential to take away control & power from politicians or that it functionally is a superiour international cash system.

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Unusual Uther
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· 3d
Happy birthday to me. #dailymemo
· 1d
The greatest feeling about Bitcoin (Cash):

- realizing that for the first time, being in control of your own money is no longer just an illusion.

· 1d
Need a little bch to be able to sell my spice tokens any generous want to donate? gladly appreciate it thanks #dailymemo
· 2d
Just finished watching this and am even more convinced that BCH attracts the brightest minds in the space. #dailymemo
· 3d
Surveillance creates subservience. #dailymemo
· 6d
Memo is probably the best place for someone to get started in Bitcoin Cash. They can experience sending and receiving and I'm sure people will donate some sats to play with. #dailymemo
· 3d
What do you love the most about life? #dailymemo
· 5d
Any BCH whales on memo? #dailymemo
· 9d
Been on a plant based diet pretty much since the beginning of the month. Surprised how easy it is. Let's see how I feel after a couple of months. #dailymemo
· 6d
If technical issues and controversies are not discussed in public, then the community will not be able to educate itself sufficiently, opening it up to easy division by manipulators. #dailymemo
· 4d
Anyone miss me? #dailymemo
· 5d
Hello, Memo! Check out my new distributed exchange; https://mcafeedex.com and get free experience trading at https://mcafeemagic.com #dailymemo
· 10d
I'm so happy to be writing about Bitcoin Cash again. #dailymemo https://read.cash/@Cain/the-state-of-bitcoin-cash-d359c1e2
· 6d
So many retards, so little time.

replied · 3d
I always love a good joke. Anyone got any good jokes or stories to tell? #dailymemo
· 12d
I plan on continuing my #dailymemo but now read.cash has captured my imagination. So I hope the people here will give the project a chance and read my content there. It's exactly what I've been looking for.
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· 13d
Check out read.cash. I for one am very excited. Builders are still building on bitcoin cash. #dailymemo
· 15d
To my two boys, if you ever read this, know that I loved you more than I ever thought possible. #dailymemo
· 19d
i'm going to try and live a healthier life. #dailymemo
· 23d
Collecting SLP tokens is addictive #dailymemo
· 7d
...and we got an upgrade block! Yay!