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· 6h
Is there a way for memo to enable paywalls? Pay a set amount to read someone's posts. #dailymemo
Instead of #BCH having named addresses, we could all just have a #Memo account. When you want to send #BitcoinCash to anyone, you can just send it to their Memo account. Although, Memo first needs #2FA #DailyMemo
· 2d
Memo is good because it's uncensorable. But what else? Yes we can tip each other, but how would someone really monetize being here? Is altruism the only way? Where's the economic incentive? #dailymemo
· 21h
Honest question, is the interest rate too low on #LEND5 since it`s not selling? or am I doing something wrong? #dailymemo #memo
· 1d
Just notice Gavin Andresen's memo account has exactly 666 followers. Would be cool if he came back to the platform and posted once in awhile. #dailymemo
· 3d
I need to become more humble. #dailymemo
· 5d
What will it take to get people to come to memo over and over again like they do for twitter? #dailymemo
Very excited to see new but old bitcoiners join our team to help revolutionize money for the world. Welcome! #dailymemo #bch
· 2d
Useful idiots are an important part of the arsenal that agencies of centralized power employ to stifle liberty.
Don't be a useful idiot, strive to retain your autonomy & freedom of thought, speech & action

· 4d
new haircut now I'm getting drunk #dailymemo
Just discovered this! Basically like SatoshiDice, but for Spice tokens :-D


· 4d
Work is kicking my ass. The irony is if I didn't have to work, I'd work so much harder. #dailymemo
· 4d
Being duped by a con-man was perhaps excusable in 2017 when most in the BCH community first heard of him.

It is no longer excusable in 2019 when tons of evidence has been laid out.

· 3d
Liking your own post? Yay or Nay? I go for Nay..... #dailymemo #memo
· 3d
Has the Vape Nation seceded already? #dailymemo
· 9d
I've been inspired by Unusual Uther. Going forward I'm going to up my tipping game on memo. Going to try to tip at least ten cents a tip, or roughly 35,000 sats at today's prices. #dailymemo
· 6d
#MemoChallenge : Post an UNPOPULAR opinion you hold in the comment section!! #memo #dailymemo
Liking your own post is like liking your own body, the church would say NAY!! Psychological research says YAY!! First you must be loving yourself to be able to love others? #dailymemo
· 5d
Gavin Andresen: "I think it is wise to design for success"

Do you know that #SatoshiNakamoto released a 2nd paper on 20.06.2018 which was called "Satoshi's Kodex" ?? https://bitcoinmap.cash/satoshiskodex.pdf #bitcoin #bch #dailymemo #realbitcoinclub #bitcoinmap #bitcoincash
· 10d
Looking forward to watching videos from the Bitcoin Cash City conference. In need of some positive BCH news for a change. #dailymemo
Web & file storage on BCH.


· 19d
I'm starting to think memo.cash might be the most interesting thing in all of crypto right now. I'm glad I'm here. #dailymemo
· 13d
So it looks like I just burned all my tokens. I had my Memo wallet hooked up to my electron cash wallet. To combine my UTXOs, I sent max to another wallet and then back to memo. This sucks. #dailymemo