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I'm starting to think memo.cash might be the most interesting thing in all of crypto right now. I'm glad I'm here. #dailymemo
Why are you on memo? #dailymemo
Had the pleasure of speaking to the creator of @memobch today. One of the most talented builders I know. 🤯 Inspiring what one man can do with a vision. #dailymemo
Been doing a #dailymemo for over three months now. I set out to do it for a year, but I'm not sure it's accomplishing anything. Do any of my fellow Memonites think I should continue?
Been away from the memo crowd for a few months. Can anyone give me the highlight reel? #dailymemo
What will it take to get people to come to memo over and over again like they do for twitter? #dailymemo
Today only proved again how resilient Bitcoin Cash is. I'd like to see any other coin get attacked as much as BCH and survive. If BCH is going to topple the current financial system, it needs to be tested. #dailymemo
Join me in making the longest threaded memo on #bitcoincash.

Show me your emoji💩 game, ASCII art, or just say something insightful. #dailymemo
Happy birthday to me. #dailymemo
Local Bitcoin Cash is so close to being finished. We're enabling 0conf and testing some more over the next week. Finalizing translations then aiming to launch for early May. Local.bitcoin.com for more info! #dailymemo
Memo is good because it's uncensorable. But what else? Yes we can tip each other, but how would someone really monetize being here? Is altruism the only way? Where's the economic incentive? #dailymemo
There is a big difference between raising the cost of running a node in a measured manner (BCH) & raising it without any consideration (BSV) & not raising it at all & hence never scale (BTC).

Interviewed a super interesting Serbian developer today. So incredible to hear how excited people from all over the world get about using Bitcoin as cash. #dailymemo
I think I will become the Memo Girl. #dailymemo #bch #hotmemo
Today our team of designers, developers & #BitcoinCash experts brought a massive upgrade to Bitcoin.com. A new brand, new features, an improved look for onboarding the world to p2p cash. So proud right now #dailymemo
Memo is probably the best place for someone to get started in Bitcoin Cash. They can experience sending and receiving and I'm sure people will donate some sats to play with. #dailymemo
Enjoyed a nice birthday dinner with the misses tonight. 🎂Cake read "BCH to the moon!"

She gets me. #dailymemo
Collecting SLP tokens is addictive #dailymemo
After about a month of #dailymemo I've earned around 500,000 satoshis. I know it's not much, but I didn't have to read one advertisement in the process, and no company is selling my data for their own profits.
Have you played with the SLP dividend creator yet?


Huge shoutout to Joey King and Vin Armani. Exciting opportunities here. #dailymemo
Twitter has locked the operator out of the @btcfork account (https://twitter.com/btcfork)

This platform will serve as BTCfork's primary channel until Twitter service is restored, which may take a while. #dailymemo
Those who like their own posts. Not once, but five times, should be medicated. #dailymemo #bforbad
Coming soon: A dedicated, non-custodial Bitcoin Cash tipping service for livestreamers! :) #BCH #BTC #Bitcoin #Dailymemo

For more info👉: http://tipbitcoin.cash
i'm going to try and live a healthier life. #dailymemo
Just woke up from a nap. As I get older I realize how underrated naps are. The goal isn't financial freedom, it's being free to take naps whenever I want. #dailymemo
Not that any of you care, but I spend at least a solid 3 minutes of each day thinking of what to post for my #dailymemo.