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Stranger Things 3 question:
Is Jimm Hopper (Chief of Police) alive? #dailymemo #strangerthings
YES 3 votes · 546 satoshis
NO 0 votes · 0 satoshis

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Love finding friendly faces on https://local.bitcoin.com/r/maple to trade with. Makes trading a little more easy when you know them from Memo or Twitter or telegram. #dailymemo 👌
· 1d
omg new Twitter desktop UI is a steaming pile of non-configurable crap #dailymemo
· 17h
Visiting a friend who moved to Orange County. House warming slash daughters birthday. It's nice, been chilling by the pool and watching the kids. I wonder if we will ever drive down here again. #dailymemo
If I don't do another video by July 27, I'll pay $100 in #BCH to whoever calls me out first.

Any other ideas for https://podium.cash? Curious what else I can add to it in my spare time. #dailymemo
Maximalism is a cancer growing inside the cryptocurrency ecosystem. #dailymemo #maximalism #BTC #BSV
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How old are you? #dailymemo
0 - 19 4 votes · 555 satoshis
20 - 29 6 votes · 2,500 satoshis
30 - 39 13 votes · 8,765 satoshis
40 - 49 4 votes · 546 satoshis
50+ 2 votes · 0 satoshis

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· 1d
Am I the only one who feels like mass adoption of Bitcoin Cash is all but inevitable? #dailymemo
· 4d
Two-a-day! 💪💪 #dailymemo
It seems that many people would rather give away trust than care about privacy and immutability. We're not in a war against other coins or even USD. We're in a war of convenience. #dailymemo
Bought more BCH today.

#Bullish #dailymemo
Which one of you wise guys gave me $CRABS? 🤣#dailymemo
· 6d
Bought more BCH #dailymemo
· 3d
I'm ready for a change. #dailymemo
· 9d
Looking good fellow Memorians, Memoans, Memoese, whatever. #dailymemo
❗️ BCH-PRICE-BOT goes mainstream: its new fuel - 🍩 DNT Token!
🧙‍To get a current BCH price send 1 DNT token.
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· 4d
Wonder if memo today feels kind of like early twitter. #dailymemo
I think I would have enjoyed stranger things more if it only ever had one season. #dailymemo
· 10d
Can anyone recommend some good fiction? I'll take novels or even a good short story. #dailymemo
Always crack me up :-)

#dailymemo #dailyshitpost
Enjoy a nice adult beverage with the co-creator of https://txhighway.com - what a wild ride it's been. #dailymemo
Mike Hearn wrote this awesome piece recently - "I want to see a libertarian Star Trek" :-)