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Completely out of Bitcoin Stolen Valor (BSvision) #CultOfCraig #shitversion #retards

142d · Bitcoin SV
Stop listening to the fake Living Prophet who keeps lying to everyone. Screw the #CultOfCraig Bullshit and the goons that enable him. Get out of #shitversion.
replied 113d
Roger Ver serious needs a wake up call before he falls into the #CultOfCraig.
123d · Crypto Wall of Shame
Matthew Zietzke, Moron BSV Shill who denies #CultOfCraig and dancing around facts presented to him.
142d · Bitcoin SV
Listen to LightRider, get out of #shitversion! Only time I will likely ever agree with that guy. #BSVision #cultofcraig
replied 342d
@memo, why do you like the comments of the most pathetic #CultOfCraig shill?

Do you really believe that BCH supporters are roaches?
replied 162d
Reina is a fucking idiot. Good to see that you managed to break free from the #CultOfCraig tho. 👍
Those pesky anarchists! AAARRRGHHHH!

#FAUSTURD #CultOfCraig
replied 395d
Bullshit #CultOfCraig propaganda.
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This what I dislike the most in the authoritarian #CultOfCraig. You would trade decentralization for 100% centralization and corporation control willingly.
I can't believe that it's possible to disconnect from reality as much as the #CultOfCraig and #CultOfCore so I must assume malicious intent and conspiracy to destroy p2p money.
Mining Profitability on BSV, only in the minds of the Craig Shills who believe the #CultOfCraig bullshit. Lie enough to drown out truth so it become true in the alternative reality that lunatics believe.
replied 387d
Retards have been undoing his work in my opinion.

First the #CultOfCore that sabotaged BTC and recently the #CultOfCraig which attacked BCH.
replied 355d
PSA for the sensitive #CultOfCraig members: turn off "Chain Split Protection" in the menu, then go to memo.sv.
replied 387d
Says the #CultOfCraig zealot....
replied 387d
Thanks for your insight, Mr #CultOfCraig shill. :)
replied 395d
You spell "lowly propaganda" in a weird way.

This might have been the first sighting of a #CultOfCraig member in the wild....

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I thought #CultofCraig was over when BCH split and the BCH devs started minding their own business?
142d · Bitcoin SV
142d · Bitcoin SV
Don't keep trying to weed thru the #CultOfCraig Web of Lies. Maybe it's truth, Craig meant this (insert covering for him). Get out of #shitversion before bags are shit.
Pastor CryptoRebel expounds the unholy false gospel of the #CultOfCraig's Living Prophet, Dr. Fakeries.

replied 384d
The #CultOfCraig and #CultOfCore act the same. They are all liars and heavily rely on propaganda and censorship.
replied 395d
Would be better if this assessment didn't come from a #CultOfCraig zealot.

Debunking all of my Pro-CSW articles, that were filled with FUD and #CultOfCraig Bullshit. New Microphone is better, fixing my mistakes.