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A desperate call from a ShitcoinMaximalist....

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Gregory Maxwell - Blockstream founder

Another person high up in the #CultOfCore. Notorious for toxicity, sock-puppeting, social media manipulation and general assholery.
Based on Jameson Lopp's expert opinion, LN only needs 18 months(tm) more to be usable

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Adam Back - Blockstream Ceo

General of the #CultOfCore, the public face of the turd called Blockstream. Hired by the establishment to provide an authority figure.
When you only have a hammer, everything start to look like nails....

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Also let's not forget file storage too. The SV cult is so full of shit, only the most retarded people fall for it. They are dumber than the #CultOfCore.
Gregory Maxwell - BlockstreamCore dipshit - was caught using sockpuppets (again).


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Kyle Torpey - #CultOfCore propagandist

The truth and Kyle are arch enemies. One of the most pathetic scumbags of crypto space.
yet again, Twitter blocked my account.

3 possibilities:

1.) Jack Dorsey didn't like my comments on LN
2.) #CultOfCore mass reported me
3.) Shared the 3D printable gun torrent
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Retards have been undoing his work in my opinion.

First the #CultOfCore that sabotaged BTC and recently the #CultOfCraig which attacked BCH.
I can't believe that it's possible to disconnect from reality as much as the #CultOfCraig and #CultOfCore so I must assume malicious intent and conspiracy to destroy p2p money.
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Fluffypony has been in bed with the #CultOfCore for years. I guess that's needed to get his shitcoin tolerated.
I wonder how much money #Blockstream spends on their little troll army...

I'll continue to boycott exchanges that list USDT or implement #Blockstream's liquid or LN.

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Tuur Demester - #CultOfCore propagandist

He has a long track record of spreading the lies of BSCore. He is best described as a merchant of lies /w a completely broken moral compass.
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I want to witness the #CultOfCore getting their dose of karma too. (evil grin)
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Made an anti-LN tweet with my alt account with the #CultOfCore hashtag and the account immediately got banned.
Twitter CEO and censorship lover Jack Dorsey ramped up hyping LN / BlockstreamCore lately.

He must feel very secure about his investment. :D

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This what we think of the #CultOfCore and the Venture Capitalist PumpNDump Goofballs that keep #Blockstream on life support.

If you're an imbecile like Richard Heart, make sure to join the echo-chamber of degenerates called the #CultOfCore

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I'm surprised Luke Dash hasn't threatened light wallets with physical destruction. #cultofcore