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Just noticed that the biggest #Coretard conference is on-going:

Check the speakers if you need a comprehensive list of the people who hijacked, derailed and ruined #Bitcoin

Tone Vays represents the average #Coretard:
-Infinitely stupid
-Suffers from cognitive dissonance
-Hates logic & facts
-His arch enemy is reality
-His only shelter is the current #1 market position of the BTC shitcoin
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Back when XT was released and Adam Back posted his blatant and idiotic FUD against on-chain scaling, the #1 #Coretard argument was "Adam Back has a phd so he must be right." :)
BlockstreamCore developer who was instrumental in hijacking and ruining BTC complains that BTC is dysfunctional....Blames Bitpay...

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Saw a #Coretard arguing that LN is a Bitcoin scaling solution and proceeded to claim that HTTP scales TCP.

Another peak of blatant stupidity has been conquered.