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The #vaccination is the idiot test which helps to improve our human #consciousness in the long run. Only the smartest will reject the vaxx, have #healthy #children, others will just cripple their genes within 3 gens.
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Healthcare sector lacks the spiritual #consciousness to create the biological weapons of mass destruction that they bring to #market. The unintended consequences are very bad.
#yoga is all about expanding #consciousness by pushing the limits of perception out of the comfort zone to realise the limitless capabilities of a unified #mind & #body which is our true natural possession
Stability will be restored once #consciousness improves.
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Nobody is worse or better it is just that all actions have a consequence. Communication helps us understand and grow #consciousness. We have so much power once we take responsibility.
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We are all into #bitcoin to learn that #truth leads to #consciousness and therefore to a global community based on peaceful #collaboration, most have not realized that yet.
In #Venezuela #Caracas you can become a #yoga instructor (200h) for as little as 150 #USD with a certificate issued in India at the highest level of #consciousness, flat rate daily lessons are available at $3 monthly
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The law is not correlated with #consciousness.
#consciousness I always wondered why it is forbidden to a buddhist monk to laugh in public. Now i understand. Most of the time people are laughing in public they are manifesting their ego.