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1. #BitPay cards can be acquired before the split and you gonna have enough of these for a few weeks easily 2. Exchanges do not matter if you want to use #BCH as cash for the world.
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A working group has been building on a reusable address (stealth address in the cash account spec) that is easier to implement, and #Copay / #Bitpay has built code implementing them.
Why is #bitpay not integrating #dash nor #ltc even if that would mean more revenue for them? #rogerkver says he would support any coin that works as P2P money. Still he is acting incongruent.
Anyone of the #BCH #rogerkver #bitpay #bitcoincom fanboys can realise that payment for me? And then I will send you a standard transaction as reimbursement? bitcoincash:?r=https://bitpay.com/i/Ft8tUGKKUBDY3hAvcWFfCg
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Unusual Uther
The collateral & gain is the reputation. If you really want to help out here to pay that #bitpay invoice, you raise the reputation of yourself & mine equally. That's collaboration.
OMG #bitpay does not show me the #BCH address on their invoice page, only lets me copy a Bitpay URL which doesnt work for me. This is how you fuck up a simple standard. Why are they hiding that information? #rogerkver
Is there any reason to not activate a #Bitpay card and do #transactions in BCH:
1. Before the Nov 15th event?
2. Conversely, after the #Nov 15th event?
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Same is true for #Bitpay & #Coinbase, any company in the bitcoin space working with governments is an immense security risk for the users violating the basic principles of #bitcoin.
Another time the #rogerkver #bitpay #bitcoincom gang is proving how they want to rule the empire of #BCH by breaking the standard of simply providing an address with an amount. WTF this is so disappointing...
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Mark Byers
As #ETH was added to #Bitpay we will see a #DASH Integration next. Why should they keep loosing money? If Bitpay would accept DASH they would also have that community promoting them.
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Wrong!! BTC is dominating in Lubliana as #ELIPAY supports #BTC, #LTC & #BCH and Roggi never cared much about real P2P adoption!! Still #Bitpay receives more BTC payments!! #rogerkver
Today we loaded Bitcoin Cash onto our #BitPay Debit card. Where will it be used first? #bitcoin #card
Bitcoin is unfakeable!! UNFAKEABLE!! and it must be DECENTRALIZED without depending on payment processors!!! #BITPAY IS A MAN IN THE MIDDLE ATTACK TO A P2P NETWORK!! #rogerkver #bitcoin #bitcoincash #bitcoinsv
BCH Payments will soon be back on Twitch. Video hosted by RKV himself and Robert Beatles. A lot more updates that you need to know! #Bitpay