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Bitcoin Cash, all the utility of crypto, as easy as peer to peer electronic cash. #BitcoinCash
The resilience of #BitcoinCash. The road to decentralized finance was never meant to be easy. But we’re still here building on a Peer to Peer Electronic Cash System #BCH #Crypto
Airdrop sent to wallets of all Bitgree.com users! The amount for each user has been 0.001 BCH base, adding 0.001 BCH for each agreement they made in Bitgree. Entire Airdrop sent in a single #BitcoinCash transaction.
Creo que todavía falta mucho para cantar victoria, pero la comunidad de Argentina de #BitcoinCash logró demostrar que se puede usar efectivo electrónico P2P para hacer pagos sin intermediarios.
Probando CashTokens, la nueva actualización de #BitcoinCash. Tokens nativos que pueden hacer crecer la utilidad de la red. No es solo efectivo P2P, sino un «sistema» completo y con muchas funciones.
El día que encuentre un local de sushi que me acepte #BitcoinCash, me fundo. 🤣
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Por cierto, si ven esto en Twitter, lo estoy escribiendo a traves de memo.cash (@memobch). Una red social 100 % sobre la cadena de bloques de #BitcoinCash.
👀 Vayan preparándose para un nuevo episodio de #LEP2P mañana. Tocamos un tema del que mucho se viene hablando últimamente y lo comparamos con #BitcoinCash #BCH.

¿Cuál que puede ser? 🤔
🔥 Finalmente, ¡nuevo episodio de #LEP2P! Hoy hablamos sobre la dolarización y la comparamos con #BitcoinCash. ¿Son alternativas opuestas o pueden complementarse?
There is a scheduled Bitcoin Cash upgrade on May 15. https://www.bitgree.com is already prepared for the upgrade and will work without interruption. More info at bch.info/en/upgrade

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Amazon Australia 🇦🇺 has been added to https://www.bitgree.com

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To use SmartBCH you need to hold at least 0.001BCH so that you can convert that into sBCH using PromptCash. And at least another 0.003BNB so that you can bridge out back into BCH.

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Amazon stores from the following countries have been added to https://www.bitgree.com: Germany 🇩🇪, Italy 🇮🇹, UK 🇬🇧, Brazil 🇧🇷, Mexico 🇲🇽 and Canada 🇨🇦.

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New external stores will be added to https://www.bitgree.com this weekend.

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🔥 ¡Nuevo episodio de #LEP2P! Hoy hablamos de #CashTokens y la próxima actualización en la red de #BitcoinCash.
There is a growing need for a dedicated place for #Bitcoincash education. From basic use to educating about the type of scams and the more advance use cases of BCHbull.com and privacy.

Working to add support for more countries on https://www.bitgree.com. Coming soon Amazon France, Germany, Italy, UK, Brazil and Mexico.

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Berita bagus, Binance mendukung peningkatan Bitcoincash.

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With the Amazon Hub Locker integration in https:/www.bitgree.com, you can make purchases anonymously with BCH, you don't need to provide any personal information. #BitcoinCash #BCH #SpendBCH #Privacy
Tandai Kalendermu pada peningkatan Bitcoincash pada tanggal 15 Mei 2023. Ada hadiah total 10 Bitcoincash.

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Amazon France 🇫🇷 added to https://www.bitgree.com

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Bitgree is open and functional. But it is in beta and there are many things to improve/fix, especially at the mobile UI level. Working on it. https://www.bitgree.com #BitcoinCash #BCH
This week the integration of MercadoLibre and support for collection points should be launched. This week will be intense in terms of updates on https://www.bitgree.com

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For my Twitter folks! Everyone that hops on memo.cash and comments on this post in the next few days, will receive a tip! #BitcoinCash
The Freedom and experience of riding a bike can now be bought with #BitcoinCash #BCH