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ABLA now live on BCH!
No more block size cap discussions. It will auto-regulate with demand & tech. Future scaling can concentrate on infra!

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14d · bitcoin cash

BTC just took a quick dip In just 15 minutes, it went from $69,900 to $66,000. Now it seems like $65,000 is holding pretty strong as a support level.

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Epic Show lined up today 5x the prizes!🤑

We will be broadcasting the $2,500 #MagicTheGathering Tournament.

$0.50 $BCHTV to all Wheel of #Bitcoin Raffle Winners!

This cycle BCH will claw itself back up to at least ~0.1 BTC & retake its place in top 10 crypto marketcap. This is important because BCH have to win the p2p cash agenda for freedom!

The time is now!

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Hello Memo Family
Today's first giveaway is going to be start 🎉
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No question just write any line about anything
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BCH price is little bit back
But no need to get worried
Because there is prediction to go up more than $1000
I wish i have alot of BCH so i Can hold them and see the huge profit
Good luck with your all tokens
Giveaway time 🎉

What's your evening routine?
Mine evening is incomplete without a cup of tea ☕
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I think someone is trying to attack/stresstest BCHs ability to be resilient towards a combo of empty blocks attacks & "spamming transactions":


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25th giveaway is going to be start 🔊
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Which is your favourite chocolate?
Mine is KitKat
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Sad to see the down prices of all cryptocurrency
Well it's good for investors
But for me it's not a good sign because i want to exchange my BCH tokens
I need money badly and can't wait much for pump


Let's start giveaway 🎉

Which date you can't forget?
Give answer in comment section
Don't forget to give ❤️
More you will come more you will get

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Go to a business, talk to the owner, show him #Bitcoin cash, then with what you earn in memo you make a purchase. This is how BCH is adopted and your fiat money changes to BCH too

Trees exhale for us so that we can inhale them to stay alive. Can we ever forget that? Let us love trees with every breath we take until we perish.
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I was so surprised when I look my notification, thank you very much for this big tip.

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Those who wants to join tangled
Then here's the link
Go and create your account to earn free milix
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It's laundry time 😔
Sometimes k really hate to do house chores
I don't know why sometimes I Just want to do rest but it's impossible for a mother or house wife
I want a job where I can get pay 😜

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Less than 100 Days now left for the #Bitcoin    Halving .

And memo team also active to support us and help us to make some BCH.
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reredrugs 1Fk8xa
Which #cryptocurrency do you use for payment online? 🪙

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#Litecoin X
#Shib X
#BitcoinCash 💸 always
I think i have to start giveaway
So maybe someone will come on my post
Just kidding it's trending now on Memo
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Watch this video. Jason creator of the memo presented the memo

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BCH price is again going down
Bad news for those who want to sell their earning
I need money but with that I was thinking i should wait for green trend
I have many wishes 😔
What's your opinion?

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Whoever writes Bitcoin in the comment and hides it will get 1000 Satoshi