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In my current understanding, #Libra seems to be an attack on #CreditCards more so than an attack on #Bitcoin. Thoughts?
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Another point is why would anyone trust Facebook / #Libra after all of their privacy violations? They were just fined $5 Billion dollars by the FTC. #Bitcoin is trust less for a reason
replied · 13h
The point of #Bitcoin is that security is baked into the network. What #security does #Libra offer? To me it appears to just be a database.
Awesome as she is donating to the real users!! Not like that pineapple fund guy who basically funded #bitcoin hostile projects who probably sold their bitcoin right away!!
*MULTIPLE VOTES* Which #bitcoin have you actually used to buy products or services?
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i keep reading about BITCOIN being a philosophy, can some one please explain the philosophical part about #bitcoin; and how it applies to #DASH? and at what point did it turn into a philosophy?
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Best endorsement of crypto this year:

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There is just one unique value proposition that #bitcoin has and that is P2P money WITHOUT any intermediate!! NOBODY AS INTERMEDIATE, not even a custodial POS!! If we do not push the project this way, it will fail.
I think it is totally bearish that he actually feels the need to fake the video!!! If there was real #bitcoin adoption like in Venezuela there would be no need for that... #coinspice
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#Bitcoin maximalists are the #Antifa Terrorists of #cryptocurrencies
Coming soon: A dedicated, non-custodial Bitcoin Cash tipping service for livestreamers! :) #BCH #BTC #Bitcoin #Dailymemo

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Naomi is getting relevant, atleast for the others! She is building a bridge to all the 95% who still believe that #bitcoin is a hoax... Now let us pray she is incorruptible... Amen! :D
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My birthday: 03.01.2009 Now I have been living for ten years & I already wrote history. Who am I? #bitcoin #bitcoincash #DASH #realbitcoinclub #bitcoinclub #satoshinakamoto #bitcoins #bch
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@rogerkver is a shame for #bitcoin as he tries to fill the gap which was intentionally left open by #satoshinakamoto because it must be filled by users and not idols... POSER!
#bitcoin.com should make community contests for t-shirt designs.
Best way to promote #bitcoin is to enter the metro and start a talk about it, everyone is listening here, people are so open minded and really like to communicate! Collaboration is their power!
Bitcoin.com new design 💚💲 #BCH #Bitcoin #Dailymemo

This picture perfectly show the dysfunctionality of the BTC shitcoin:

Coretards are submitting false 1 star review for the Bitcoin.com wallet app both in the appstore and playstore.

Make sure to submit your review and make a comment too.

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If memo.cash was on the BTC blockchain, my activity so far would have bankrupted a developed country.

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