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Addicted to #Bitcoin: the #Crypto rehab center
Was excited about this but it doesn't work
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Abdullah Alvi
Kazakhstan’s #crypto industry criticizes new surcharge for electricity powering #bitcoin mining farms. https://t.co/ggKNhCZ9WO
Chivo, a government owned #Bitcoin wallet. What could possibly go wrong?
The largest renewable energy #Bitcoin mining centre in the USA is being built in Texas.
• +1 gigawatt of solar powered energy
• 700 jobs
• Live by the end of 2021! 🚀
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All complex systems that work evolved from simpler systems that worked.
- Gall's Law

This is why #Bitcoin Cash works and Lightning never will.
If you still own any of Blockstream's CrippleCoin you are part of the problem.

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Bitcoin Cash (BCH) has more daily transactions than #Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and Dash. #BCH is winning!
I believe the long laborious stride back into the top 5 for BCH has started. Beware there will be volatility and there will be short squeezes under way so expect ebbe & flow.

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Today's mantra: #BitcoinCash embodies all those qualities a #Bitcoin should be. Therefore, BCH is the real one! Period! Louder pls!
Millions of regular people buying #Bitcoin to escape inflation and financial censorship are going to be surprised when they can't really use it without someone else's permission.
MicroStrategy has purchased 328 more bitcoins for $15.0 million in cash at an average price of $45,710 per #Bitcoin. Now they hold 90,859 BTC.
Saudi Islamic scholar: Using #Bitcoin is Utterly Haram, Constitutes Gambling; Bitcoin Has No Value 😄
It is so funny how #KenFM tried to ignore the importance of #Bitcoin for ten years I was preaching them to get it going harder!!! NOW THE BANKS CLOSED THEIR ACCOUNTS AND THEY STARTED PROMOTING BITCOIN HEAVILY!!!
Avocado, Papaya, Maracuja, Tomato, Guanabana, Pumpkin, Watermelon, Potatoe, Onion, Corn, Beans <-- We will #SLP tokenize the fruit/vegetable harvest at the new #bitcoin paradise in #Maracay #Sorocaima #Venezuela
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| increase, they DECREASED the hard cap to 1/32th its original size.

The banksters UNSCALED #Bitcoin

If you're not buying #Bitcoin $BTC now, you probably won't buy the dip either, and you won't be willing to buy it at 30k, 50k, or 100k.

Show Bitcoin love at its worst and it will show you love at its best ❤️
Anyone from the UK would do me the favor to write a hand written snail mail to #julianassange sitting in belmarsh prison? I would reimburse your efforts with #bitcoin #bitcoincash #bch #realbitcoinclub #bitcoinmap
OMG, this system is so rigged... now we officially saw that even the biggest elections are completely fake and that we are completely enslaved by the banksters who own the media! Time to work harder on #BCH #bitcoin
I love crypto, but I HATE crypto politics. I am SO fed up with it.
From now on, I will take a "Yawn...wake me up when you have grown up"-stance and continue with my life. #YOLO

I would like to pay the kids in my neighborhood 0.001 #BCH p day for studying one hour of english with #duolingo app so that in a few years these guys can give a great service to all the #bitcoin tourists coming here!
Watch the latest Weekly Update with @maplesyrupsuckr as he discusses the myth of 2% inflation, declining interest in #NFTs, @kevinolearytv's preference for "clean" #Bitcoin, and more.
Khurram 🦋♥️💜💙💚
Bitcoin market cap is over one trillion fake USD. That means that #Bitcoin is already as big as biggest nations worldwide. And we are just getting started. 12 years is nothing. Bitcoin is clearly the new world order.