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Any Scandinavians on here? I would like to send you some NOKK token (Norske Krypto Kroner) Hit me up even if you are not a Scandi i send you some anyway #bchforeveryone #token #freegiveaway #NOKK
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#Bchforeveryone, including people with smart watches. Including people who treat themselves. Why harp on a personal project I build in my free time? More utility the better.
Core pseudoscience at its most blatant.
They have no arguments, so they have to lie to claim that Bitcoin does not scale like Satoshi described.


Did a local cash trade using https://local.bitcoin.com/r/maple and found out the buyer was just wanting quick access to low fee coin so he could buy high fee BTC coin. Ohhkay!! #bchforeveryone 🤦‍♂️ #dailymemo
Awesome video by Greg on Badger Wallet, button & Bitcoin Cash in general.

Let's get these tx going! Every follow + reply gets 5000 sats #BCHForEveryone
August 1st is the 1 year anniversary of the #BCH Hard Fork. We'll be celebrating with a special Bitcoin Cash meetup in #Tokyo.
Event details to be revealed soon! #BitcoinCash #Adoption #BCHforeveryone
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Today I went to the closest #BitcoinCash ATM near my area, in College Park to withdraw my first $200 (currently .3 BCH). Full video coming very soon.


#BCHForEveryone! Tip 546 satoshi, & reply below and I will tip 1,000 sats.
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My minimum goal is 14 BCH, but my optimum goal is BCH the equivalent of 100,000 USD

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Let's not split hairs here, left or right, we all want the same thing. Sound money, the death of banks, and a fair and equal economy for all! #bchforeveryone
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and I have to constantly help my parents with chores and household stuff, and actively job seeking. But sadly, I'm out of time.

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This week's Bitcoin Cash Article


Untapped Market - Bitcoin Cash and the Unbanked

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#BCHForEveryone! Like with 546 satoshi, then reply below to get 1,000 sats.
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Here's my first daily update in what is going on with my fundraiser.

In regards of my #helpJkid campaign I have a person willing to help (Jared) me.

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Linux Systems Administration, AWS, Technical Writing, Research and Analysis, bash, python, HTML, CSS, and SQL, and quality control and assurance. #helpjkid #Autism #bchforeveryone
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He also asked for my gofundme which I gave him the link but there has been no updates so far.

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We tackled scaling for the foreseeable future. If we want to actually grow into the capacity we created we need to focus a lot more effort onto privacy and fungibility features and UX #BCHforeveryone #BitcoinCash #BCH
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Also, I had a bunch of people who enjoyed my Yours article and tipped 2 or 3 bucks worth of BCH to my account.

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I've applied to companies that have remote work but no one was interested.

I posted on craigslist with my resume. No one was intertested.

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Through donations initially. After my fundraiser and getting back on my feet I'm hoping to earn at least 80,000 USD dollars a year.

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An update to my fundraiser: This week I've received around .3 BCH along with $150 dollars in additional donations from gofundme and paypal, for a total of $400 dollars. #bchforeveryone
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Sadly the website is still under construction due to the fact that I was sick with bronchitis on August

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When #Bitcoin Cash #BCH moves independent of alt coins!