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So the fees are again high enough to severely hurt usability..yet the #2LeggedCancer does not leave BTC and the reason is quite simple: they don't give a fuck about Bitcoin, they only care about price speculation....
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Congolese man looks at the severed hand and foot of his daughter, who was killed because he failed to meet his rubber quota, 1904

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#Tiananmen protestors were swept to side of road like trash as tanks roll by in distance.


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Russian veteran recalls their crimes in Germany


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Another farce commercialized Christmas is behind us....Hope you bought a lot of fucking shit that will end up polluting the environment for thousands of years for no reason.

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Smoke from the Amazon forest fires darkens the sky over São Paulo

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Why everything will collapse


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Having traveled all over the world, I must say, people are exactly the same everywhere. There is no qualitative difference.

We are the #2LeggedCancer
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This vid gives a nice overview of modern day war mongering:

Makes me cringe that the same crap still works.

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Coming soon to YOUR shithole country too...

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4 Students Killed at Kent State University for Protesting Vietnam War. (1970)

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Shocking images of environmental devastation in the Peruvian rainforest:

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White men are people too
People of all colours are exactly the same. We ARE the #2LeggedCancer
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The Aral Sea Ecological Disaster:

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Joe Rogan's thoughts about the #2LeggedCancer

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White House has signaled it may seek permanent renewal of controversial surveillance power


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