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Congolese man looks at the severed hand and foot of his daughter, who was killed because he failed to meet his rubber quota, 1904

So the fees are again high enough to severely hurt usability..yet the #2LeggedCancer does not leave BTC and the reason is quite simple: they don't give a fuck about Bitcoin, they only care about price speculation....
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White men are people too
People of all colours are exactly the same. We ARE the #2LeggedCancer
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4 Students Killed at Kent State University for Protesting Vietnam War. (1970)

#2LeggedCancer #Statism
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Agent Orange Victims: Haunting Photos Of The Unpunished War Crimes Of U.S. In Vietnam War


Another farce commercialized Christmas is behind us....Hope you bought a lot of fucking shit that will end up polluting the environment for thousands of years for no reason.

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#Tiananmen protestors were swept to side of road like trash as tanks roll by in distance.


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Improvement of the world would mean the death of about 5-6Bn #2LeggedCancer
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Why everything will collapse


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Smoke from the Amazon forest fires darkens the sky over São Paulo

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Coming soon to YOUR shithole country too...

#Statism #Collapse #2LeggedCancer
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Joe Rogan's thoughts about the #2LeggedCancer

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White House has signaled it may seek permanent renewal of controversial surveillance power


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This vid gives a nice overview of modern day war mongering:

Makes me cringe that the same crap still works.

#Propaganda #War #2LeggedCancer
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Shocking images of environmental devastation in the Peruvian rainforest:

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The Aral Sea Ecological Disaster: