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I don't know anything about it, I'm very stupid

Heirloom Seeds (How to collect and store)
I hope everyone has a super frickin weekend!
I am pretty sure it would be pretty easy too fix the flooding problems in South China, make some emergency spill way real quick up stream. But North China doesn't like South China I think, so they are making it flood.
Unusual Uther

[FFXI Zi'tah Remix] Celestial Rain
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Thank you!
I'm sad that I can't help my ga now, but I'll do it as fast as I can.
I don't have anyone to talk about this, so, sharing with your guys here.
Good night everyone
I need a few more days to get the money and go to the vet, the wound has gotten worse because it itches, but I put the egate collar on so he wouldn't touch the wound, I think he would also need medication.
looks like one of my cats got a infection due to fighting with another cat. when you think you are starting getting ok with your life, new problems just appears, well I feel sad because I can't help then right away
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Working a lot and now trying to earn some money to go with one of my cats to the vet, I'm spending almost all day working online so I can afford all things here.
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The humans are servants of cats, pets for humans are dogs
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I'll only have money to take to the vet next week, but maybe there is something that I can do, I didn't find any good info about that here.
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One of my cats has a small bruise near his ear, I think he was fighting with other cats and it's swollen around him, do you have any idea what it might be?
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oops, man I know that you are good at finding alternatives for everyday things, as you showed me about aria for cats, I need help and maybe you can find something good.
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Government can tax me on every transaction I make with crypto currency but they can barely defend one single statue.
I'm doing another exfoliating foot peel mask.