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New: Bitworkerss.Cash - The Biggest Bitcoin (BCH) Services Marketplace

55 BCH , 25 days to go
42 is the sum of the numbers on a pair of dice
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smile?! maybe.
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Good idea? Stupid idea? Already a thing?

I put 1 DASH in crowdnode and sell 100 BitcoinDash SLP tokens. SLP holders get DASH masternode reward dividended as BCH.
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Have you ever seen a transaction made in gold?
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Wisdom. Patience. Serenity. Benevolence. Courage. Sincerity. Righteousness.
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Today is my Birthday, happy bday to me, I wish everyone have a nice week not only me :)
Feels like a trap
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What if I told you, this isn't a social media platform?

It's a school, and you have too stay for at least 2 years.
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I'm moving on to my new account, see you all there