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I hadn't realized that Binance has changed the name "Bitcoin Cash ABC" to "Bitcoin Cash" in recent weeks. It's a beginning, although it still maintains the wrong ticker "BCHABC" instead of "BCH".
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BTW, it does the conversion to the legacy address, but asks you to copy and paste it? 🤷‍♂️
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In Bitstamp they are somewhat confused, they should call it CashAddr instead of Bech32. It also happens in BCH withdrawals.
replied 266d
I don't think committed failure after failure. I guess this specifically was a bug.
266d wallet (iOS) is using 8 sats/byte fee now, despite indicating that it would use 1 sat/byte with the super economic fee config. 🧐 #BCH
I think risking helps you achieve your goals. Without some risk, success is more complicated. Put the skin in the game. #BitcoinCash
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That's in deposits. In withdrawals I don't know, because it only has a input for the address. Tomorrow I will do a withdrawal, I will try to put a CashAddr, to see if it accepts it.
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Internal, it opens a dialog with the CashAddr version and its QR code.
269d · CashAddr Adoption
I think Bitstamp is doing something with CashAddr, although it incorrectly call it "Bech32" (really it shows you the CashAddr version).
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What color do you prefer for the Bitcoin Cash logo?
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It’s very cool. 🙂
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True, but it's hard to believe that the new owner is so extremely maximalist BTC. Reality never ceases to amaze me.
And if @bitcoin twitter account hasn't changed ownership, but he's performing a parody of a BTC maximalist in a big trolling operation? 🤔
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BCH needs killer services that work only with BCH. It also needs to continue advancing on its roadmap, but without good services it’s difficult to gain popularity.
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If you prefer, you can also open me a secret chat on telegram (my alias is @reizu).
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I don't use protonmail, but you can email me at [email protected] using my PGP public key 0x85d64b1a9931c44f (
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I had problems today to log in, but it seems to have been solved.
If it is confirmed that @bitcoin has been censored by Twitter, I think it will be time to leave the platform and start using only
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I am developing a personal project that could soon become a startup (BCH based). If you are a designer I could be interested in some things, I could pay you in BCH. Are you interested?
Testing synchronization -> Twitter. 🧐
La arrogancia de muchos maximalistas de BTC no conoce límites.
338d · Hidden Future Predictions
347d is amazing. I love it. 👏 #BitcoinCash #BCH
Vitalik has no doubts about Bitcoin SV: "Obviously a Complete Scam".
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I think it would be good for Memo to recognize URL even if it have not http(s) in front. 🤗