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replied 56d
Am I the only one to whom the wallet (iOS) always reuses the same change address on every outgoing transaction? #BCH
replied 104d
Es muy triste lo que está ocurriendo en Venezuela, ojalá algún día recuperéis la normalidad. Cuídate y mucho ánimo.
replied 104d
Qué tal por Venezuela? Según he leído la cosa se está poniendo muy complicada... (más de lo que lo estaba ya 😓)
replied 104d
Hola! Por España la cosa está mal, mucho coronavirus y un gobierno social-comunista incompetente. Mala combinación. Se viene una crisis económica enorme, sumada a la sanitaria.
What happened to @tipprbot? Does it no longer work? 🙁 #BitcoinCash
Twitter ya no disimula su censura. ¿Los "expertos" del gobierno aconsejan disparates? No importa, si expresas tu desacuerdo te borran el tweet. Lamentable.
replied 109d
Wow, Venezuela?
replied 116d
Basically I'm only active in a small (very small) group about Bitcoin Cash in Spanish.
Leaving various telegram groups for several weeks or months. I will leave only the ones that are really interesting.
We need Bitcoin Cash now more than ever. Winter is coming. #BCH
The loss of liberties that the pseudo-communist government of Spain is causing is of an incredible magnitude. That is scarier than the virus itself.
replied 172d
Yes, they have received very few payments with cryptocurrencies so far. Hopefully that starts to change. :-)
replied 172d
I have tried adding it to, but without success for now. But it does appear in the Marco Coino app (iOS), it's strange. I have sent a message to support.
replied 173d
Yes, after payment we were talking a few minutes about cryptocurrencies. The typical conversation between cryptocurrency enthusiasts. :-)
It was a pleasant surprise to find a restaurant that accepts Bitcoin Cash in my area (Asturias, Spain). 🙂 #BCH
replied 204d
Yes, it's sad but true.
BSV price increase confirms one thing: lying and cheating with the promise of future gainings works, at least in the short term. CSW will never have Satoshi's coins.
replied 211d
100 Mbps symmetric, supposedly.
What happens to upload speed?, 4 Mbps? It should be 100 Mbps. (OVH VPS) :-/
220d · memo
It would be great to have the icon in some font pack for web use, such as socicon. I have sent him a request for adding it.
¿Qué haría en las próximas semanas si fuese argentino? Protegerme, comprar Bitcoin Cash. #Argentina #BCH
What a pleasant surprise, the official site to buy gift cards from Netflix Spain supports Bitcoin Cash! It also sells gift cards from Spotify, Apple, Google...
301d has a new favicon. What color is it?... Green. 🤷‍♂️
0:12 🐍🤔 #GadsdenFlag #Rosalía