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We need Bitcoin Cash now more than ever. Winter is coming. #BCH
The loss of liberties that the pseudo-communist government of Spain is causing is of an incredible magnitude. That is scarier than the virus itself.
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Yes, they have received very few payments with cryptocurrencies so far. Hopefully that starts to change. :-)
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I have tried adding it to, but without success for now. But it does appear in the Marco Coino app (iOS), it's strange. I have sent a message to support.
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Yes, after payment we were talking a few minutes about cryptocurrencies. The typical conversation between cryptocurrency enthusiasts. :-)
It was a pleasant surprise to find a restaurant that accepts Bitcoin Cash in my area (Asturias, Spain). 🙂 #BCH
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Yes, it's sad but true.
BSV price increase confirms one thing: lying and cheating with the promise of future gainings works, at least in the short term. CSW will never have Satoshi's coins.
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100 Mbps symmetric, supposedly.
What happens to upload speed?, 4 Mbps? It should be 100 Mbps. (OVH VPS) :-/
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It would be great to have the icon in some font pack for web use, such as socicon. I have sent him a request for adding it.
¿Qué haría en las próximas semanas si fuese argentino? Protegerme, comprar Bitcoin Cash. #Argentina #BCH
What a pleasant surprise, the official site to buy gift cards from Netflix Spain supports Bitcoin Cash! It also sells gift cards from Spotify, Apple, Google...
181d has a new favicon. What color is it?... Green. 🤷‍♂️
0:12 🐍🤔 #GadsdenFlag #Rosalía
If you need a package forwarder from UK, Germany, Czech Republic, Hong Kong or China, I recommend It works very well and accepts Bitcoin Cash. #BCH
Binance US uses the right Bitcoin Cash ticker: BCH 👌
I hadn't realized that Binance has changed the name "Bitcoin Cash ABC" to "Bitcoin Cash" in recent weeks. It's a beginning, although it still maintains the wrong ticker "BCHABC" instead of "BCH".
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BTW, it does the conversion to the legacy address, but asks you to copy and paste it? 🤷‍♂️
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In Bitstamp they are somewhat confused, they should call it CashAddr instead of Bech32. It also happens in BCH withdrawals.
replied 218d
I don't think committed failure after failure. I guess this specifically was a bug.
219d wallet (iOS) is using 8 sats/byte fee now, despite indicating that it would use 1 sat/byte with the super economic fee config. 🧐 #BCH
I think risking helps you achieve your goals. Without some risk, success is more complicated. Put the skin in the game. #BitcoinCash
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That's in deposits. In withdrawals I don't know, because it only has a input for the address. Tomorrow I will do a withdrawal, I will try to put a CashAddr, to see if it accepts it.
replied 222d
Internal, it opens a dialog with the CashAddr version and its QR code.