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Cryptonize.it account hosting suspended. Have they forgotten to pay the hosting? 🙄 #BSV
Nuevo audio en el podcast Seguridad Overflow: "Bitcoin Cash, Phishing wallet, Lightning Network, Doble gasto, EE25, Próximos audios". https://seguridadoverflow.com #SeguridadOverflow
It's nice to pay a trip almost exclusively with Bitcoin Cash (train, plane and hotel). Thanks to Destinia.com and Bitpay. #BitcoinCash #BCH
I am also a GNU/Linux user, since many years ago, but intermittently. Since 2 or 3 years ago I use Linux almost exclusively.
What the hell happened to https://cryptonize.it and https://yours.org? The first one has its domain expired, and the second one does not allow login since weeks ago. 🧐 #BitcoinSV #BSV
Grupo de telegram sobre Bitcoin Cash en español: “Bitcoin es Cash | BCH”. Un lugar para hablar sobre Bitcoin Cash, abierto a todo el mundo. https://t.me/BitcoinEsCashBCH #BitcoinCash #BCH
I'm excited how this "shitcoin" is going to change the world, bringing freedom to places where there is not. Come on BCH!
BCH exists, it's Bitcoin Cash. Please, do not be childish. Let's do something productive.
Of course, all my cryptocurrency balance is BCH.
The time to buy Bitcoin Cash is now.
https://honest.cash ya tiene wallet web integrada y permite hacer upvotes desde ella. Aún le falta, pero tiene muy buena pinta. Si evoluciona igual de rápido que Memo va a ser increíble. #HonestCash
CoinEx y Coinbase ya permiten los depósitos y retiradas de BCH. Por fin... #BitcoinCash #BCH
Me too, simplify the tips (BCH).
Ya podemos hacer depósitos de BCH en Memo de nuevo. 👏
What's wrong with Yours.org? The user's area has not been working for days.
Made BSV double spending successfully on my MoneyButton (still shows wrong balance, even though that tx will never be confirmed). Notes: txs fee > 1 sat/byte, MB shows BCH but it's BSV.
Doing some double spending tests in BSV. #BitcoinSV #0-conf
created poll · 63d
In the case that Memo only supports one chain, which chain do you prefer?
BCH 57 votes · 11,352 satoshis
BSV 41 votes · 13,121 satoshis

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La guerra de hashrate ha terminado. Bitcoin Cash (BCH) continúa, podemos seguir centrándonos en la escalabilidad y la adopción. #BitcoinCash #BCH https://www.bitcoincash.org
Pure gold 😂
Mi primer mensaje después del split. Adiós BSV, te deseo lo mejor.
La oportunidad de defender BCH frente al demente estatista de CSW es ahora. #BitcoinCash #BCH