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· 27m
If you need a package forwarder from UK, Germany, Czech Republic, Hong Kong or China, I recommend It works very well and accepts Bitcoin Cash. #BCH
· 19h
Binance US uses the right Bitcoin Cash ticker: BCH 👌
· 11d
I hadn't realized that Binance has changed the name "Bitcoin Cash ABC" to "Bitcoin Cash" in recent weeks. It's a beginning, although it still maintains the wrong ticker "BCHABC" instead of "BCH".
· 17d wallet (iOS) is using 8 sats/byte fee now, despite indicating that it would use 1 sat/byte with the super economic fee config. 🧐 #BCH
· 18d
I think risking helps you achieve your goals. Without some risk, success is more complicated. Put the skin in the game. #BitcoinCash
I think Bitstamp is doing something with CashAddr, although it incorrectly call it "Bech32" (really it shows you the CashAddr version).
created poll · 25d
What color do you prefer for the Bitcoin Cash logo?
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Green 17 votes · 6,856 satoshis
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· 27d
And if @bitcoin twitter account hasn't changed ownership, but he's performing a parody of a BTC maximalist in a big trolling operation? 🤔
· 29d
If it is confirmed that @bitcoin has been censored by Twitter, I think it will be time to leave the platform and start using only
· 31d
Testing synchronization -> Twitter. 🧐
· 66d
La arrogancia de muchos maximalistas de BTC no conoce límites.
· 97d is amazing. I love it. 👏 #BitcoinCash #BCH
· 105d
Vitalik has no doubts about Bitcoin SV: "Obviously a Complete Scam".
· 107d
Waiting for the launch of, there are only 2 hours left. 🙂
· 119d
Cada vez está más claro que #BSV es una estafa. No creo que vayan a cumplir su roadmap, ya no es Open Source y usan burdas mentiras para intentar inflar el precio como sea.
· 119d
Never believe anything that CoinGeek, Calvin Ayre or Craig Wright say. They are liars.
· 139d
Finally JimmyJoy has begun to support payments in several cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin Cash. Great! 👏 #BCH
· 140d has stopped accepting BTC payments. It’s a good opportunity for merchants to switch to and start accepting payments in BCH and BTC, giving their customers the possibility to choose. #BCH
· 141d
Ojalá los venezolanos consigan expulsar al dictador Maduro y celebrar elecciones libres. Desde este pequeño rincón blockchain les mando todo mi ánimo. #Venezuela
· 142d
The FUD that is being created around BCH upgrade on May 15th can be a good opportunity to buy cheap. It's very likely that after a successful upgrade the BCH price will rise considerably. #BitcoinCash #BCH
· 155d
I buy Bitcoin Cash regularly, so I hope that no exchange I use stops listing it, because if they do I will have to start using others. And I like the exchanges I usually use. And no, Bitcoin Cash is not a scam. #BCH
· 159d
He comprado unos pocos euros de BTC para hacer unas pruebas y creo que la palabra que mejor describe su funcionamiento actual es: insufrible. (comisiones muy altas o tiempos de espera eternos)
· 170d
Cleaning up Telegram groups (I was in too many, some provided me little or no value).
· 194d
There is going to be a split in my home. Scheduled for November 2019. It will not mean a change of consensus (I hope). 👶