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· 4d
https://local.bitcoin.com is amazing. I love it. 👏 #BitcoinCash #BCH
· 12d
Vitalik has no doubts about Bitcoin SV: "Obviously a Complete Scam". https://www.ccn.com/ethereum-vitalik-buterin-bitcoin-sv-cryptocurrency
· 14d
Waiting for the launch of local.bitcoin.com, there are only 2 hours left. 🙂
· 26d
Cada vez está más claro que #BSV es una estafa. No creo que vayan a cumplir su roadmap, ya no es Open Source y usan burdas mentiras para intentar inflar el precio como sea. http://go.usa.gov/xmfGq
· 26d
Never believe anything that CoinGeek, Calvin Ayre or Craig Wright say. They are liars. https://www.coindesk.com/us-copyright-office-says-it-does-not-recognize-craig-wright-as-satoshi
· 46d
Finally JimmyJoy has begun to support payments in several cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin Cash. Great! 👏 #BCH
· 47d
Mollie.com has stopped accepting BTC payments. It’s a good opportunity for merchants to switch to Bitpay.com and start accepting payments in BCH and BTC, giving their customers the possibility to choose. #BCH
· 48d
Ojalá los venezolanos consigan expulsar al dictador Maduro y celebrar elecciones libres. Desde este pequeño rincón blockchain les mando todo mi ánimo. #Venezuela
· 49d
The FUD that is being created around BCH upgrade on May 15th can be a good opportunity to buy cheap. It's very likely that after a successful upgrade the BCH price will rise considerably. #BitcoinCash #BCH
· 62d
I buy Bitcoin Cash regularly, so I hope that no exchange I use stops listing it, because if they do I will have to start using others. And I like the exchanges I usually use. And no, Bitcoin Cash is not a scam. #BCH
· 66d
He comprado unos pocos euros de BTC para hacer unas pruebas y creo que la palabra que mejor describe su funcionamiento actual es: insufrible. (comisiones muy altas o tiempos de espera eternos)
· 77d
Cleaning up Telegram groups (I was in too many, some provided me little or no value).
· 102d
There is going to be a split in my home. Scheduled for November 2019. It will not mean a change of consensus (I hope). 👶
· 114d
Probando Cash Shuffle, un sistema descentralizado para mejorar la privacidad de las transacciones de Bitcoin Cash. https://cashshuffle.com #BCH
· 114d
Fuerza Venezuela. Espero que podáis derrocar al dictador Maduro y recuperar la democracia. #Venezuela
· 117d
Acabo de recuperar la clave privada de la primera dirección que usé en Bitcoin, ¡qué ilusión! 😀
· 127d
Gran artículo, narrando la verdad sobre el fork BCH/BSV. 👏 https://elbitcoin.org/bitcoin-cash-por-el-camino-del-medio/
· 128d
Too many captchas today from Cloudflare, has there been any change in their default values? (I am running a non-exit Tor node) #Tor #Cloudflare
· 147d
Cryptonize.it account hosting suspended. Have they forgotten to pay the hosting? 🙄 #BSV
Nuevo audio en el podcast Seguridad Overflow: "Bitcoin Cash, Phishing wallet, Lightning Network, Doble gasto, EE25, Próximos audios". https://seguridadoverflow.com #SeguridadOverflow
· 156d
It's nice to pay a trip almost exclusively with Bitcoin Cash (train, plane and hotel). Thanks to Destinia.com and Bitpay. #BitcoinCash #BCH
· 170d
What the hell happened to https://cryptonize.it and https://yours.org? The first one has its domain expired, and the second one does not allow login since weeks ago. 🧐 #BitcoinSV #BSV
· 174d
Grupo de telegram sobre Bitcoin Cash en español: “Bitcoin es Cash | BCH”. Un lugar para hablar sobre Bitcoin Cash, abierto a todo el mundo. https://t.me/BitcoinEsCashBCH #BitcoinCash #BCH
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