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The BSV chain has just experienced a 6-block reorg
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‪Bitcoin Cash developers have studied economics.‬
‪Bitcoin Core developers are ignorant of economics. ‬

BCH fees vs BTC fees #BCH #BTC #Bitcoin #Crypto #Dailymemo
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BCH Right Now 👀 🚀

Julian Assange Arrested: Freedom of Press, Bitcoin and Wikileaks

Today is a dark day for freedom of the press.
I have just increased my BCH holdings today. +10BCH
First nation to run a currency tokenized on top of Bitcoin (Cash),
Congratulations to Liberland and its citizens!
Leading the way to financial sovereignty.

Looks like >1$ fees on BTC is really good for the altcoin market.
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Roger says "Fees are high on BTC because they want high fees.
That’s why I recommend #BitcoinCash."
Over 1400 transactions on my memo address. Holy crap. :D
Ok just one more shill...

Cash account is starting to get wallet integrations. Get your handle TODAY :D

Or reserve a specific block and pay with badger like a boss:
Now is the time to buy.

No, I don't mean buy BCH. Now is time to buy THINGS with BCH.
Show the world how we can use p2p electronic cash in the middle of a bull run!

Crescent Cash Becomes the Third BCH Light Client to Adopt Cash Accounts

Why Bitcoin Cash? #Bitcoin #BCH #Crypto #BTC #BSV #Cash
Satoshi is not Craig Wright

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For BCH fans, no promises but we are looking into feasibility of adding SLP support.
Version 4.0.0 of Electron Cash is finally out! CashShuffle enabled! Let's shuffle some coins guys! #cashshuffle

Peter Rizun kicking LN In the head, who said LN is always trustless? https://medium.com/@peter_r/visualizing-htlcs-and-the-lightning-networks-dirty-little-secret-cb9b5773a0
We're live! Shop http://peacefulwarrior.cash for unique handpicked products from around the globe, pay with cryptocurrency 🙌🏽

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No, Craig Wright is not Satoshi. Thanks for playing, Mr Hudson.