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Grupo de telegram sobre Bitcoin Cash en español: “Bitcoin es Cash | BCH”. Un lugar para hablar sobre Bitcoin Cash, abierto a todo el mundo. https://t.me/BitcoinEsCashBCH #BitcoinCash #BCH
Avalanche Post-Consensus: Making #BitcoinCash Indestructible

In https://cash.coin.dance/development , there are so many new ideas recently. BCH will become more & more functional.
I'm excited how this "shitcoin" is going to change the world, bringing freedom to places where there is not. Come on BCH!
ABC already has the best scaling. It is why I choose BCH. It has the best on chain scaling potential.
BCH Instant Payments on Avalanche, Forks and More With Amaury Sechet
BCH volume now second to BTC on Binance. Looking pretty good.
Peter Rizun Talks About SPV. 4 Billion SPV BCH Wallets! (Part A)
Fast sync mode from bchd is a killer!!
The hash war did some damage to BCH. However the fraud CSW was removed, so it will probably be worth it in the end.
Yep congrats that BCH is back in the 4th spot.
What colluding with exchanges? Checkpoint was added after every upgrade in the past, same was done for the last.
I fucking love BCH
Common misconception. The implementation of avalanche beings discussed for use on BCH does NOT rely on PoS at all. It uses PoW as Sybil protection.
BCH exists, it's Bitcoin Cash. Please, do not be childish. Let's do something productive.
So when will we see abc.memo.cash be renamed bch.memo.cash ?
<------Buying moar BCH

Looks like all the innovation is happening on BCH,
Innovation = value

BCH is far to undervalued & oversold....
This can only mean one thing....
BCH price will rise very soon and very quick.
Do you really believe this bullshit?
Either you are a paid shill or else you are just delusional.
There is no ABC vs SV.
There's BCH vs BSV
BSV is a minority chain run by lunatics and manipulators.
All my BSV is gone now and I think I sold at the top ;)
Increased my BCH and XMR holdings.
Of course, all my cryptocurrency balance is BCH.
The time to buy Bitcoin Cash is now.