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150d · Capitalism
Few things are a darker harbinger than the wave of socialism and communism among younger generations. If you don't trust government, the solution is not to vote for bigger government.
153d · Capitalism
LightRider: Capitalists made Boeing, Intel, Commodore, AMD, VIA, Microsoft, Bayer AG, VW, Mercedes, Audi, TATA, Toshiba, Mitsubishi, Samsung. Capitalists invented printing, and paper...
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151d · Capitalism
...your dementia and how do those who producing and developing cars exploit those who DO NOT producing those cars.
151d · Capitalism and modern house, with your computer and smartphone, produced by exploited saints with the help of evil capitalists. I am so curious what do you contributed to the society besides...
151d · Capitalism
LightRider: according the amount and quality of your comments, you surely doing anything useful to the society besides selling your demented propaganda in your free time, in your...