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Unusual Uther
I've only been giving out extra money because of the Bio Weapon the CCP released upon the global population of the Earth. This Is not a perpetual event, unless it picks back up in the winter.
How do you know if a person is not a robot if they never solve a captcha in front of you?
sent · 4,827 sats 55d
Who do you work for and how much do they pay you? lol.
Unusual Uther
replied 55d
Yeah you have to be quick, the money runs out fast.
Unusual Uther
replied 55d
Okay but you are the very last one for today.
replied 55d
Unusual Uther
i dont have any for tomorrow this is all i have.
60d · BCHD
BCHD reached their flipstarter goal! Congrats!
Learn to appreciate your work first and not others.
Have fun with Tenqido
Kimchi and sardines
Fuck the state.
I earned $686 CAD from crypto social media in April. Will release a breakdown soon!
It seems to be going up month over month, up 27% 💰
66d · PCO
Sorry gang, I have to move the airdrop to the end of the month, but what I will do, is May, then June back to back, so last day of may and 1st day of June 5 BCH then 6
Be HUMBLE always
Unusual Uther
I made a new poll..... I will tip you with a random number generator if you vote in it.
The tip range is between 1,000-1,000,000
Unusual Uther
I will be conducting an investigation later on all the people that voted in my latest poll about alien pictures and I will be posting the results shortly within the future.
Did you know everyone is addicted too cheese?
replied 70d
These are little cupcakes on a plate
replied 71d
Unusual Uther
yey i won the contest thanks Unusual Uther.
Unusual Uther
Okay, whoever gets me the corona virus pizza meme, from Home Alone gets Twenty Five Million Satoshis, 25,000,000 Satoshis.
replied 72d
thank you poison ivy, its going to be sexy
72d · PCO
Next PCO airdrop is May 1st, (MAY DAY!)

How to Make Fuel Gas by fruits and vegetables waste | Bio Gas Plant
867,001 views•Aug 26, 2019
This has a few English subtitles.