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Do you think #BCH will hit $1000 this coming JUNE?
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Thank you so much generous man of memo. ❤️
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Who wrote the longest two word sentence? The person with the highest votes will receive the prize money of 500,000 Satoshis
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So huge sir
487d · QotD
How would you end this sentence ?
If you do not believe in my freedom then -----------------------------.
Hoping to win and be fortunate for my daughters incoming birthday
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Well, what are you waiting for, baldy?
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What brand?
I bought some more alcohol, I didn't see the homeless guy at the bus stop.
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Coffee is a psychoactive. It doesn't really give you energy or anything, you are actually just hallucinating, you think you are less tired but you not.
The homeless man at the bus stop is still there. And it was raining, there is a roof there.
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Hoping you build community again sir

Pressure Cooker Capped and Don't Be Trapped
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Anti psychiatry movement is diverse.
Thomas Szasz, not infrequently labeled as an antipsychiatrist was only against nonconsensual (coercive) psychiatry.
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Eggs or bacon?
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If sugar is not the strongest drug, then why are there so many addicts who would not drink a coffee without it?
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This is awesome! You really have a good heart.
I'm not going to donate anymore Bitcoin Cash, I will find a new coin or token to send to people.
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I've only been giving out extra money because of the Bio Weapon the CCP released upon the global population of the Earth. This Is not a perpetual event, unless it picks back up in the winter.
How do you know if a person is not a robot if they never solve a captcha in front of you?
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No work at this time, due to lockdown can't go to work.
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Who do you work for and how much do they pay you? lol.