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Has Roger wrecked our sex life? "Post-Roger Sex Disorder" is real, says Dr. Craig S. Wright.

Bitcoin Cash isn't an investment, it's a lifestyle.
"BCH has always been a losing investment compared to BTC price ahahahah bcash lol"

This day a year ago BCH is up 95%, BTC up 34%. Since initial debut, 160% vs 65%.
Quick analysis on your potential profits having went all in on BCH with your BTC on either Aug. 4th compared to just holding BTC
@MorningWoodElves, app keeps crashing on startup, android 8.0.0
I'm working on a fully-featured version of google for the bitcoin cash blockchain. #soon

Who owns the 0x0d protocol? https://share.dmca.gripe/YCmA1OvEhsihzAiT.png
Made a little song for all the core shills out there
Theymos' name is Michael? He always struck me as more of a Greg

Memo = BCH Facebook. https://www.blockpress.com = BCH Twitter. Check it out!
The main thing this site needs to succeed is a "latest memos" page
Guardians of Bitcoin - https://discord.gg/vyVYjYn